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Teen ARTICLES on Body Changes YOU may be interested in


Prepare yourself for First necessary PELVIC exam during PUBERTY or TEENAGE

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PHEROMONEs may arouse sexual feelings of opposite gender ??? Does Deo kills the effect of Pheromone?


Pheromone is a chemical produced by an organism that signals its presence to other members of the same species. Of particular importance in sexual behavior




CHILD TEEN SEXUAL ABUSE many times go unnoticed mainly due to INCEST act and not being complained or belived. So, Educate preteens and teens on GOOD TOUCH and BAD TOUCH as there are very fine line between these two. Genuine Innocent Love touch and play and intentional SEXUAL TOUCH is very difficult to identify as such.

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8 hours SOUND SLEEP is must during 24hours of the day. .. ..

The current generation is facing acute competition in professional life and for survival. Most of the Corporates have forgotten D(Development) of HRD, only act on HR only. Corporates are no longer bother about employees hours for family and sleep and other social chores. The icon of industry feel proud by working 12 to 16 hours themselves and force their subordinate too


Teen girl's comfortable skirt for better body growth, blood circulation, breathing around genital

1 . t.

Select your dress which are comfortable to your body parts for better teenage growth, personal hygiene, blood circulation and breathing by skin.

Teenage Adolescence Puberty education for teen boys and girls on their Physical, Emotional and Reproductive developmental issues. Their personality development through lifestyle changes during teenage are discussed. Health is the only wealth is to be understood during teenage, so one can learn healthy lifestyles...


SWINE FLU ADVISORY Preventive Measures for Swine Flu


how teenage bra measurements taken
when should girls begin shaving pubic hair?
nocturnal ejaculation during teenage normal?
teens first menses pics
teen girl self fondling breasts massage
indian college girl breast and nipple growth


Ask about issues bothering you on your physical,emotinal and reproductive healthcare and development to improve BODY IMAGE. CLICK HERE


....Join Mission for Admission to IIM/MBA Indian Teenagers who are aspiring to become CAT CRACKERS, SHOULD start now step-by-step life skills learning.

PICS of Teenage girls workshop on physical & emotional changes during

PICS of Teenage girls listening to their queries being answered

PICS of teenage workshop on 'Better understanding of Teenage' at school


boys body chest shaving is OK?
labia trimming by gynecologist possible
how to avoid dirty slippery wet panties during day
how do sanitary napkin fit while wearing them?



At birth itself sexuality starts to indentify the boy or girl through genitls only?


how to properly shave my penis?
should I shave hairs near nipple on breast?
at what age do teens start shave their vagina


can I reduce smell in vagina by trimming pubic hair?
how to wash a male penis daily?
does normal vaginal discharge have white flakes in it?
can teenage pubic shaved by parents?
parents forcing girls to remove pubic hair
insertion masturbation dangerous?


During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under


Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Mission for Admission to IIM / MBA

Questions from Co-ed teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Q Email from Teen Boys & Girls and their Parents received

How to talk to teens about menstruating?
indian school girls who use cotton clothes pad during their period?

teen girls white panty selection menstruation panty


teen boys ingrown hair around genitals
nipple erection in girls common?
How to trimm pubic hair for young girls?
how to stretch my vagina?
sexual fantasy disturbance during teenage
teen masturbation effects on body
wearing wet urine panties harmful?
uretha opening burning while urinating
breast growth first bra seamless for nipples comfort


Kiss, Hug, Holding hands are all very good touch therapy.

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wet secretion stains in panty
school girls pubic hair seen through panty?
pubic hair sweat bumps hurting
soft nipple pads for sensitive teenage breast
28 aa breast bra pics not available
white bumps on vagina harmful?
when first underarm hair to come and shave pic


Are you comfortable in this Uniform?

Designer skirts for uniform as well as design tends based on school uniform to look younger.


Underarm hair to be trimmed and shaved for better hygiene, body look


young girl pelvic bone seen under low waist jeans pics
embarssing with wet stained blood panties while drying
why penis and vagina are darker than normal skin
explain menarche spermache


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Pimples and acne are the worry for teenage boys andd girls!!


Measure your Awareness on TeenagePersonality Development

Measure your Awareness on Puberty Physiological changes

how to face female first pubic examination medical test
relation iron tablet intake and menstrual bleeding
inserting tampons in vagina difficult
swollen nipple pics
teens menstruating twice monthly dangerous?
girls self rubbing clitoris ok?
wet stained crotch panty pics


Pubic hair growth if not trimmed or shaved may irritate or fungus/bacteria may grow and smell bad

how to wash my vagina after urinating?
why should boys cut pubic hair?
why do indian girls wear bra?
can i conceive nine days before my period starts?
discolored vagina secretions unhealthy?
how to shave uneven skin of testicles?
how to hair over shave labia?
do masturbation stops menstruation early?
breast anatomy area around nipple hair follicles
normal rib cage of teenage boys
labia self rubbed while walking sitting enjoyable

strong sweat pubic area irritating
girls with large labia coming out reason

uneven left and right breasts growth stages in teenage girls is normal


hair around nipple should not be shaved.


bra size increases upto what age
how to find an appropriate bra according to the breast size
do girls start then stop menstruation for a day
why teens should not wear tight panties in night?
pics teen boys in underwear
massaging teens by parents ok?
mood swings after ejaculation
why does puberty occur?
why petticoat wearing for teens during menstruation?
pics of Indian girls wearing bras

seamless bras for well developed breasts

why massage get teenage boys erection
where are the ovaries located under belly
why panty get stains with vaginal fluid after kissing
white stain on my crotch panties daily
show teenage boys pubic hair patterns shaving
when can young teens reach orgasm?
is it normal for skin to appear bumpy in the vaginal opening?
can tight panties hold my pad better?
pics of vaginal pimples
time for new sperm formation after ejaculation
white fluid and bumps in vagina
sweating body odor unusually embarrassing in females
tiny breast growth problem
red center burning nipple puberty boy
physical changes to breast after fondling
body odor teenager boy anxiety
wet panties after urinating
infected vagina itching


sanitary napkin placement, special set of menstruation panties, and disposal of sanitary napkin is to be learned


girls urethra pics
vaginal secretions in preadolescent girls
circumcision in teens boys pics
when should i ask my parents to start shaving my mustache?
i will not like to wear a bra to school
how to shave penis skin area
should teenage boys shave their legs
girls orgasm sticky liquid from vagina
changes in the body due to estrogen before menarche
pubic hair trimming patterns for girls
pics of razor bumps on vaginal area
why do my panties get stained?
how can i keep my shirts from yellow staining under arm?
why do teenage boys produce sperm involuntarily?


Boils over penis is very normal, but hygiene and health care is needed to stopspreading it and increasig


Pictures of girls with underarm hair?
young girls first pubic hair worry
how do we reduce the growth of body hairs for girls?
adolescence relation changes to parents
teenage boy strong underarm odor
how to remove first ejaculation stain?
girl self examination of vulva
breast kissing and fondling ok?
how can we make our vagina fair skin?
oil and perspiration bumps in pubic hair
does fondling increases breast size?
discolored vulva during teenage
What is white substance comes from penis?
swollen clitoris during menstruation
girls how to wear sanitary pads
teenager circumcision pics.
Very dark nipple and areola pics
girls wearing stained pads in all night OK?
sticky itching anus after shaving
sanitary napkin with blood pics
pics of teen breast development
what causes girls to sweat and have bad odor?
girls nipple sizes
pubic shaving patterns pictures
making boys wipe penis after urination
girls masturbation safe?
infected clitoris caused by excessive scratching
is vagina secretion safe from hiv?
tips for personal hygiene during menstruation
do male like to wear bra
premature breast development
pubic hair pull out itch
why i have 2 pimples around my genital after i trimmed hair around genital area?
why are teenage girls concerned in touching their own pubic area?
boys smelly sweat socks problem
vagina size after pregnancy


Trendy fashions for teenge girls


how to shave full vagina
is it normal to get bumps on the mons pubis?
how to increase my nipple size?
extra large female nipples blouse problem
why hair grow near the penis?
how to remove menses stains on panty?
why itching after trimming pubic hair?
why boys like kissing girls breast only?
trimming pubic and shaving each other lesbian act?
little white pimples on vagina during period?
effect of parents absence in growing adolescencet
acne scarring crotch area
crotch less panty pics

difficult opening of bra backside hook by girls
why young girls vaginal hairs shaved
puberty stages in boys pics
remove excessive pubic hair growth
my first bra selection
do girls not to wear tight cloth in night
sexuality and girls physical development
shaved mons pubis attractive
vagina care during period
girls breast development
teens panties get remain wet after urinating
puberty and body itching in boys
white blotches on penis
discolored pubic hair?
vagina change during puberty stages pics
washing girls stained panty tips
why young teens penis erection
pics of girls shaving pubic hairs
relationship between parents with teenager
for teens how to help penis grow


Books references for teenage development and parenting of teenagers:

how to wear a bra properly
advise for teens concerning body image
curly pubic hair tiny teens
aftershave antiseptic side effects on clitoris
excessive body odor in female teens
pimples on vagina from sanitary pad rubbing too much due to activities
menstruation excessive flow panty pads
difference between male and female body parts
why are female body parts covered by bra & panty
how can a boy increase his height after the age of 18
teens underwear’s size and selection
discolored testicles during puberty
girl cotton panties care
12 years old socio-emotional skills development
little girl labia development
breast bud enlargement of boy
boys shaving underarms daily ok?
during puberty why penis turn darker


How to insert n remove TAMPON? How to dispose TAMPON?


hymen cut blood pics
pimple scalp hair thick root
puberty development in girls pics
boys underwear style ads
height and weight changes once girl starts her period
hard erection from yoga
is hair dye safe for teens?
can vagina wall expand - contract during masturbation
swollen pubic mound after shave
girls height increase and menstruation
do wearing a bra make nipple tiny?
how to use tampons
girls shaving own pubic hair pics
teens used wet panties infection increases
pubic bone growth in young girls
internal pics of a vagina
too dark color vagina vulva normal
teen girls shaving razor
bra pad to reduce sweating breasts
is the baby oil irritate when it penetrates vagina massage
8 years boy swollen areola normal
teens in sports bra pics
teens tight wet panties sweat marks over body
what makeup product i get rid of scars from pimples
little girls anus pain abuse
conceived 3 to 5 days before ovulation
white cotton panty for teens
unable to penetrate my penis due to foreskin
pics of child vagina puberty
girls underarm hair dirty
removing upper lip hair on teenage girls
girls wearing urine wet panties germs production
sperm duct infection
teenage girls underarm hair removal
do girls also ejaculate during orgasm?


Are your children/students wearing comfortable and healthy School Uniform?


pics of brassiere sizes styles
can masturbation ruin the growth process of the penis
how do school girls keep sanitary napkin
biological body growth of a girl
teens growth and masturbation
different reasons girl’s menstruation stops
teen girls breast development exercise
why boys eyebrows thicker darker?
do boys have to shave pubic hair?
breast pain in teenage girls
teens boys shave scrotum difficult
female hymen painful
stained hard crotch of panty discard?
girls shaving girls pubic hair ok
do girls get pimples before your menstrual cycle?
remove front skin of penis before marriage
weekly trimming hair near penis teenager
panty wash care tips for teens
do teens have white pubic hairs
uneven testicle size in boys
sanitary pads during menstruation for teenagers
teens with sharp pain in the vagina
after wet dream sperm duct have sperm?
menstruation stain panty wash
puberty incest enjoyable
shape increase of breast after marriage

excessive wet vagina when with boys
indian female underarm hair pics
teens bra cup D size
producing more body odor around menstruation
penis glands removed
medical causes for swollen clitoris in young girls
for teens 12 years panties size
hairline bumps on the lip of vagina
teens with erection problems
will shaving of facial hairs increase thickness in men
menstruation bleeding pain
female secretions on white cotton panty
squeezing nipple hurt
using tampon to stretch vagina to make it big
girls nipple erection pics

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Saina Nehwal Indian badminton champion may be your role model

TEENAGE achievers as role model for YOU

Joshna Chinappa squash Indian teenage icon N your role model

Gauri Monga Indian teen golf icon N your role model

Be careful and avoid using MOBILE while driving for your long life

Indian classical dancing to groom total personality

MBA CAT is easy if you groom yourself with lifeskills during teenage

Parents to understand infatuation & love emotional development of teenagers

SEX awareness without proper education may be dangerous

MASIK DHARMA (period-menses) & its Myths

Beware of teenage sexual abuse