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Infatuation, Dating, Party, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, day-dreaming are normal during teenage

your primary & secondary reproductive organs aregrowing during teenage

ovaries, uterus, falliopian tubes,vulva, breasts, cervix

penis, testicles,


Your body is able to REPRODULE, so take care and be aware. Girls can get pregnancy. .Be aware of Sexual Abuse. Follow Abstinence. Understand Masturbation. College teenagers can email questions on Sexual Health Development issues also.

1Why Puberty?
2.Body Odor
3.About Acne/Pimple/Dandruff
4.Physical Changes - Girls

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5Physical Changes - Boys
6.Socio-Emotional Changes
7.Intellectual Changes
8.Sexual Child Abuse

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Boys & Girls : Hormones-1, Crush-6.1, Dating-6.2, Peer Pressure-6.3, Abstinence-6.4, HIV/AIDS-6.5, Sexual Abuse-8, Incest/ Molest-8, Lesbian-8, Homosexual-8,
GIRLS : Breast-4.1, Bra-4.2, Pubic Hair-4.3, Vagina-4.4, Clitoris-4.4, Ovary-4.5, Ova-4.5, Uterus-4.5, Fallopian Tubes-4.5, Sperm-4.6, Intercourse-4.7, Conceive-4.7, Orgasm-4.8, Masturbation-4.9, Safe Days-4.10, Condom-4.11, Abortion-4.13,
BOYS: Penis-5.3, Testicles-5.3, Scrotum-5.3, Erection-5.4, Ejaculation-5.4, Sperm-5.4, WET Dream-5.4, Masturbation-5.5, Circumcision-5.6, Intercourse-5.7, Condom-5.8, Anatomy-5.9, Pubic Hair-5.11,

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details on Panty & Menstruation.

1. Why Puberty?

Why Puberty ?: Physically body of a child, be it a boy or a girl; goes through developmental stages. Every individual has different timetable of growth, which is normal. Puberty changes takes four to six years and transform child to adult; who becomes capable to reproduce. Few changes are common for boys and girls, while few changes are exclusively for Girls and few other changes are exclusively for Boys. Female alone or male alone can not reproduce. So the marriage takes place. After marriage, husband and wife to perform reproductive act together, which is called sexual intercourse. If wife conceives and becomes pregnant, a child is born after nine months or so.

In Girls
: The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the growth of the ovaries. The ovaries then produce the hormone Estrogen and release it into the bloodstream. Increases in estrogen lead to breast development, changes in the shape and contour of the body, menstruation and maturation of the reproductive system. Estrogen sparks the release of the hormone called progesterone., which helps the thickening of the blood lining of the uterus.

In Boys : The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce the hormone testosterone. Increases in the level of testosterone lead to the growth of body & facial hair, the growth of the reproductive organs, the production of sperm, the changes in the shape of the body and the change in the voice. Other hormones, adrenal, affect the development of muscles and bones, the growth of hair, and the changes in the skin.

2 Body Odor

Body Odor : Sweat Glands are mainly responsible for perspiration. They are activated by temperature, exercise as well as emotional reactions. Fear, embarrassment, romantic feeling may also increase perspiration. A hormone called Adrenalin is released, which will result into more sweating. If you are the anxious or aggressive type of adolescent, you have to learn to relax and cool yourself. The oil-like secretions from these glands are the culprits behind acne and smelly scalps.

Natural ways to reduce body odor.
• Shoes/Sandals and socks also trap sweat, causing the bad odor to emanate from your feet. Wear cotton socks, and wear strappy /open shoes to keep your feet dry. One can try washing /soaking feet, before wearing and after removing shocks/shoes. More details..

3 About Acne/Pimple/Dandruff

3.1 Body Image: Every boy and girl like to look better in the eyes of other friends. During puberty, the growth rate accelerates. Height and Weight also increase to noticeable level. Girls will put on extra weight on their buttocks, thighs and breast as well as body shape attain more curves. Boys body become muscular with body hair seen on most of the parts. Heredity also plays a role in individual's height and weight. During these years every boy and girl should Eat enough balanced Diet, Participate in physical Activities(outdoor Sports) and Carry out regular Exercise. The body and more specifically the skeleton developed during these years only will remain for the rest of your life. Pics

3.2 Acne / Pimple : Acne/Pimple are normal during adolescence and generally goes away after few years. The main goal of acne treatment, is to prevent scarring, to reduce the number of painful lesions and to minimize the psychological stress and embarrassment caused by acne. More details...

3.3 Boys and girls can take few precautions with acne as under:
• Gently wash the skin (face, neck, shoulders, chest) with mild water.
• The skin should also be washed after heavy exercise or take shower bath after sometime.
More details...

3.4 Dandruff : Dandruff is infectious, hence strictly avoid borrowing or lending combs and brushes. Even keep a separate comb at home for every individual. Most essential factor is to keep your hair clean. Your brush, comb, hair pins etc. must be frequently washed or else you will re-infect your scalp each time you use them. More Details

4 Physical Changes - (Girls)

4.1 Breast Development : Breast will improve the looks and give psychological satisfaction. Due to the media exposure, well developed breasts is the dream of most of young adults. Although the size of the breast has nothing to do much with its primary function of breast feeding to child after delivery. Even the tiny breast is enough to produce milk for the child. Breast also play a major role during sexual play between husband and wife. Husbands may enjoy more with well developed breasts. Pics

Breast development is divided into five stages, which last on an average for 4 to 6 years.
Stage 1 - The breast is flat and the nipple is little raised. More Details..

4.2 Bra selection: It is suggested to wear cotton bra only. If you wear close fitting clothes, then wear a seamless bra or bra with small dart stitching. Straps must be adjustable and have good elasticity. Rigid straps will cut into shoulders and if they are loose and springy they will not give adequate support to the breast. More details

How to wear the Bra : Girls may find difficult to close the hook initially, as it is normally on the backside. One can take bra and wrap around below the rib cage and bring hook in front, so that you can close it easily. Generally 3 adjustments are given for hooks. You can try one by one to see which one is the most comfortable. After closing the hook, move bra over the rib cage,More details

Ask about issues bothering you on your physical,emotinal and reproductive healthcare and development to improve BODY IMAGE. CLICK HERE


Discard the Old Bra : If you find uncomfortable even after adjusting straps and hooks level, you should change the bra. The straps elasticity as well as elastics provided near the hooks adjustment loose their elastic property, then discard the old bra and go for new one. Young girls may also have to change the bra due to the change in their breasts(CUP) size.

Bra & Cup size measurement:
Measure your rib cage under the breast in inches(M1) and add 4 or 5 inches to bring it to an even number(B1). B1 is the bra size always sold in even nos.; 28,30,32, 34, 36 etc. Measure(M2) across the top of your bust / nipple without a bra on. More details

Cup size C1=M2-B1 Bra size is always mentioned in inches
AA Minus 1" Cup size is always mentioned in Alphabets
A zero In India, only few Brands give cup size
B +1"  
C +2"  
D +3"  

When the difference of measurements (M2-M1), between M1(at the rib cage) and M2(at the nipple) reaches around 3", one may start wearing bra(AA).

4.3 Pubic Hair Development :
The another important change is very personal covered under your panty, the appearance of the pubic hair, near genitals.
Stage 1 - no pubic hair growth is apparent.
Stage 2 - fine, silky pubic hairs grow along the midline of the outer labia.
Stage 3 - features hair growth that extends upward and sideways from the midline.
Stage 4 - the hair begins to cover the mons pubis completely.
Stage 5 - the growth of hair into a wider area of vulva, hair thickens. Pics

Trimming or Shaving of Pubic hair : During development, pubic hair gradually thickens and may become curly and coarse. Sweat glands are generally found under the hair follicles. More details...

4.4 External Anatomy of female : During puberty, PUBIC HAIR begin to grow on the MONS PUBIS, a mound of fatty tissues that covers & protects the pubic bone. Below the mons lie the soft folds of skin, called the OUTER LABIA. The labia protects the CLITORIS, a small sensitive organ located at the top of the inner side of labia. Clitoris is the most sensitive part during the foreplay, masturbation and orgasm. More Details...

4.5 Internal Anatomy of female : The reproductive system comprises of number of organs inside the body located in the lower ABDOMEN, safely under the pubic bone. Urinary opening under the inner labia, is connected to the URETHRA(tube that carries the urine from the BLADDER). The vagina, a tube-shaped spongy passageway, leads from the outside of the body to the muscular organ called UTERUS. The narrow lower end of the uterus is called the CERVIX, has a small opening that opens in the vagina. FALLOPIAN TUBES are connected to the right & left sides of the uterus. A small gland called the OVARY is connected at the end of each fallopian tube. The ovaries are about
the size of a walnut, where hundreds of tiny egg cells(OVA) are stored since birth.

Menstruation should be taught in detail by mother to every daughter. The blood comes out from own vagina for the first time is frightening and embarrsaing for all the girls if they are not told before. It is not blue in color as being shown in TV advertisemnts for sanitary napkins. It is RED. pics menstruation blood from vagina

During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

4.6 The Process of Menstruation
: Menstruation is triggered by a small gland located in the base of the brain, called the PITUITARY GLAND, which produces HORMONES (chemicals that act like messengers, traveling in the blood to the ovaries). Inside the body, the reproductive system begins to function. During each monthly cycle, one of the ovaries releases an egg cell (Ova), which is smaller than a grain of mustard. It enters the nearby fallopian tube and travels toward the uterus that has a special lining of blood and tissue, called the ENDOMETRIUM. More details..

4.7 Intercourse and fertilization (Girls) : Wife and husband have sexual foreplay like kissing, caressing, embracing, whispering, fondling etc. , which arouse sexual feelings. Finally during the act of sexual intercourse, husband penetrates his penis inside the vagina of her wife. The vagina also become moist and lubricated during foreplay. More details

4.8 Orgasm : It is also called reaching to climax. It is the ultimate feeling during sexual intercourse between husband & wife. After the fantasy and sexual foreplay, wife also get aroused. The caressing of clitoris and Labia with the hand as well as stimulation between penis and vagina makes the inner muscles of vagina to contract and result into sweet feeling of ecstasy. This may last for 5 to 10 seconds only. But that is the satisfaction every wife wants from her husband. Every time wife may or may not achieve the orgasm, while only the husband achieves the orgasm.

4.9 Masturbation (Girls) : Young adult girls do experience romantic feelings as well as fantasy. Before marriage and even after marriage, masturbation is the act of sex play which gives the feeling of Orgasm. But here the penis and its ejaculation of sperm in the vagina is absent. Instead, the stroking of clitoris and labia is carried out with hand or fingers, mainly by self or sometimes by husband. Masturbation is completely normal and many females have enjoyed, without the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Pics

4.10 Safe days to avoid Fertilization : Young Adult girls often wonder exactly what are "Safe Days". Stimulated by hormones from the pituitary gland, the ovaries produce the hormone ESTROGEN, which stimulates the onset of menstruation. A second hormone, PROGESTERONE, is produced by the ovaries when ovulation occurs. From beginning of menstruation between 11 to 14 years(Menarche) to cessation of menstruation between 40 to 45 years(MENOPAUSE), the rhythmic patterns of the female cycle are controlled by these hormones. Each time a girl gets her period, a new cycle begins. The cycle usually lasts about 28 days, but the length of the cycle varies from 21 days to 40 days. The menstrual cycle(M.C.) is explained as under: More details...

4.11 Latex Condom : Safer way to intercourse: It is a male barrier method. Condom fits on to the Penis tightly, similar to rubber glove fit onto the finger. It stops the sperm to travel into the vagina after ejaculation. More details...

4.12 Irregular Periods : If an Ova is fertilised by a male sperm, then the next menstruation period will be missed. It also means that a child is conceived and wife has become pregnant. The menstruation can only start after the delivery of a child or termination of the pregnancy(Abortion). If the regular period is delayed by more than 15 days, young adult girls should consult the Gynecologist to confirm the reasons. A simple urine test for pregnancy can be carried out to confirm the pregnancy. A change in environment or routine or any emotional stress or illness may also upset the cycle, causing the period to begin later or earlier than expected.

4.13 Abortion : The ova is fertilised by sperm and pregnancy is then confirmed by the gynecologist. It must be a good news for newly married wife. But it may be bad news for unmarried adult girl or for the wife who wants to delay the arrival of child or for the wife who already have enough children. In such case, gynecologist will advise to go for early abortion of Fetus(unborn child), before it grows large and may require major surgery subsequently.

4.14 Vaginal Secretions : Young adult girls may have sexual fantasy, which may induce the hormones to release sticky liquid in the vagina. (The same liquid helps to lubricate the vagina during intercourse.) The thick liquid may stain the crotch of panty, as it comes out after sometime. Girls may unnecessarily worry about the normal vaginal discharge /secretion. After menstruation, the discharge may appear as a sticky white or clear substance. Around the time of ovulation, it becomes more abundant and slippery in appearance. Vaginal secretion that is excessive or discolored, that has an unusually strong or bad odor, and/or that is accompanied by burning, itching, or irritation may indicate that a problem/ infection exists. She should tell see a gynecologist.

4.15 Personal Hygiene Teenage Girls : More careful attention to personal cleanliness during menstruation will contribute to a girl's comfort and confidence. Once menstruation begins, the production of oil and perspiration may increase during the days before the period is due. The following tips can be helpful as girls begin to develop personal care habits:

==> Girls should gently cleanse the external genitalia ( mons, labia & clitoris) with soft soap & water as part of their daily bathing to help eliminate odor.
==> After each toilet use, girls should wash / wipe the anus from front to back to avoid the spread of bacteria from the anus to the vulva.
==> Girls should wash their hands before and after using the bathroom and whenever changing menstrual cloth/pad.
==> Panties should be changed daily. Cotton panties or panties with a cotton crotch are recommended because of cotton's superior absorbency.
==> The menstrual stain should be avoided on dress / panty. If panty get stained during menstruation, presoaking in cold water will help loosen stains. Girls can also keep separate set of panties for menstruation days.
==> Girls should change sanitary pads as often as needed, to feel comfortable and to prevent odor from forming to high level. Odor develops when the menstrual flow leaves the body and comes in contact with air.
==> Girls should wrap pads in toilet paper/old news paper & put in the wastebasket.
==> Girls should carry at least one sanitary cloth/pad when they are expecting their period


6. Social Changes: Friendship and Relationship : Young adolescents begin to learn new social skills as they expand their social contacts. They also learn to cope with the excitement and confusion that accompany the changes. Adolescents begin to learn how to develop and maintain close, mutually supportive relationships with others of their own age. This social skill is essential for a normal, socially competent adult and is cultivated by involvement in a group.

6.1 Crush : Every boy or girl may start liking a person of opposite gender. During the day even one simple hello or have only glimpse, give the happy feeling and great satisfaction. Just thinking for hours and imagining romance with that special person is very common during college days. An urge to spend more time together is always existing. It may be one sided only. Many feel hurt when the same feelings are not reciprocated by the special one.

6.1 A Relationship : Although adolescents approach to friends for companionship and for guidance in some aspects of behavior (dress, hairstyle, entertainment, etc.). But they do approach their families for affection, identification, values and decision-making. More details

6.2 Dating : Generally adolescents starts meeting and going out with the same gender initially. During college age, boys as well girls may start going out for picnic or movie or for celebrations together. At a later age, when the friendship becomes more close More details..

6.3 Peer Pressure : Many times young adult is unable to say ‘NO’ to their friends. The things which are harmful to your body, your values and your family should be avoided at any cost. The first time trial of smoking or chewing of tobacco due to peer pressure puts young adults into embarrassing position. Even the sexual activities or intercourse due to fear of loosing friendship to be avoided. Knowledge on harmful effects of tobacco /alcohol /drug/ HIV/AIDS will help the young adults to avoid these things for their better health. Also the atmosphere at home should made free of all these harmful things, otherwise young adult are going to try and indulge in the same.

6.4 Abstinence : Physically the body has grown to produce the child during puberty itself. But child birth is permitted after marriage in our society, which result into almost 10 to 12 years period between physical ability and marriage. Adolescents should be physically, cognitively, and emotionally aware about mature sexual relationship and their consequences like HIV/AIDS, premature pregnancy and risk of abortion. More details

6.5 AIDS : Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a disease in which the body's immune system breaks down and is unable to fight off certain infections, known as "opportunistic infections," and other illnesses that take advantage of a weakened immune system. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. A member of a group of viruses called retroviruses, HIV infects human cells and uses the energy and nutrients provided by those cells to grow and reproduce. More details...

Child Sexual Abuse : goes unnoticed and not complained about, as most of the times; the act is done by elders from neighbors, cousins, relatives, housemaids or friends. It may be in the form of talking of obscene language, showing pictures of obscene sexual act. Forcing to show innerwear as well as genitals. More details...


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