Keep Safe distance From HIV / AIDS

Follow Abstinence & Masturbation

Infatuation, Dating, Party, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, day-dreaming are normal during teenage

Your body is able to REPRODULE, so take care and be aware. Girls can get pregnancy. .Be aware of Sexual Abuse. Follow Abstinence. Understand Masturbation. College teenagers can email questions on Sexual Health Development issues also.

  5 Physical Changes - Boys
6 Socio-Emotional Changes
7 Intellectual Changes
8 Sexual Child Abuse

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1.Why Puberty?
2. Body Odor
3. About Acne/Pimple/Dandruff
4. Physical Changes - Girls

Boys & Girls : Hormones-1, Crush-6.1, Dating-6.2, Peer Pressure-6.3, Abstinence-6.4, HIV/AIDS-6.5, Sexual Abuse-8, Incest/ Molest-8, Lesbian-8, Homosexual-8,
GIRLS : Breast-4.1, Bra-4.2, Pubic Hair-4.3, Vagina-4.4, Clitoris-4.4, Ovary-4.5, Ova-4.5, Uterus-4.5, Fallopian Tubes-4.5, Sperm-4.6, Intercourse-4.7, Conceive-4.7, Orgasm-4.8, Masturbation-4.9, Safe Days-4.10, Condom-4.11, Abortion-4.13,

BOYS: Penis-5.3, Testicles-5.3, Scrotum-5.3, Erection-5.4, Ejaculation-5.4, Sperm-5.4, WET Dream-5.4, Masturbation-5.5, Circumcision-5.6, Intercourse-5.7, Condom-5.8, Anatomy-5.9, Pubic Hair-5.11,

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5 Physical Changes - Boys

5.1 Body Image : The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for growth of body & facial hair, the growth of the reproductive organs, the production of sperms, the changes in the shape of the body, and the change in the voice. Other hormones, adrenal, affect the development of muscles and bones, the growth of hair, and the changes in the skin. The shape of the face will change, shoulders will broaden, and body strength will increase. Voice will deepen as vocal cords grow. Cracking in voice can occur during this time of growth. The body and more specifically the skeleton developed during adolescence will remain for the lifetime, so take care now; otherwise it will be very late.

5.2 Growth of Beard & Moustache : Noticeable change in appearance in boys will be, growth of Beard and Moustache. Initially few hairs will grow on upper lip and slowly it darkens. Then after, hair will grow on cheek & chin area. The area coverage will increase. But some boys may have very scanty hair growth even after they become adult. This is normal. The density of hair growth is different for individual boys, and so they should not worry about it. Even the time when it starts and reach full growth stage will also be different. The different style for mustache and beard; for personal grooming is carried out. It is an individual choice to keep clean shaved face or to keep only moustache or keep moustache and beard as well. Depending on the current youth trend, the young adult boys can make the choice.

5.3 Growth of Testes and Penis : The changes of puberty for boys usually begins with the enlargement of the testes/testicles. At this time, the scrotal sac (Scrotum) loosens, grows longer, and deepens in color. Both testicles may not be of same size. So if the scrotum looks uneven . it is OK. During puberty, the penis will grow longer and wider. As the penis grows, its skin will become dark in color, which is very normal. The colour of penis will generally darker(Black) then normal skin color of the individual, so do not try to make it fair. Pics

5.4 Ejaculation :Usually between the ages of 11 and 15; boys may experience their first ejaculation, a landmark of achieving adulthood. Ejaculation is the process by which semen/Sperms are ejected from the penis. More details.. ..Pics

5.5 Masturbation (Boys) : When a ejaculation is done by rubbing/stroking of penis by own hands is called Masturbation by self. This a very normal activity and most of the male have gone through this. No one should be ashamed of the act of masturbation. Masturbation is also an act of sex play between husband and wife, where wife strokes the penis during the act and the husband ejaculate the sperms in the end. Pics

5.6 Circumcision : The glans(top part of the penis) is covered by the foreskin, which is sometimes removed at infancy by a surgical procedure known as Circumcision. This is done due to medical or religious reasons. The skin should be able to move over penis easily, so that it can be cleaned properly. Also the skin can be pulled up a little while urinating or proper flow of urine. The foreskin also help in penetration into wife’s vagina during intercourse.Pics

5.7 Intercourse & Fertilization of Ova : Intercourse is a sexual act, where husband penetrates his penis into the wife’s vagina and thenafter ejaculates sperms inside the vagina. More details...

5.8 Latex Condom : Safer way to intercourse: It is a male barrier method. Condom fits on to the Penis tightly, similar to rubber glove fit onto the finger. More details...

5.9 External Anatomy : The two main parts of the external GENITALS, are the PENIS and the SCROTUM. The penis is made up of the shaft and the head or glans. The small opening in the center of the glans through which urine and Semen/Sperm are released, but one at a time. The scrotum is a loose sac of skin and muscle that lies under the penis. The scrotum houses two TESTICLES which produce sperm cells. The scrotum regulates the temperature of the testicles in order to make sperm.

5.10 Internal Anatomy : The reproductive system is designed to produce, store, and transport sperm cells. The testicles/testes contain chambers/tubules, where sperm is produced. The testicles also produce the hormone TESTOSTERONE that causes most of the changes in males during puberty. More details... . .....Pics

5.11 Trimming or Shaving of Pubic Hair : Pubic hair may gradually darken and may become more curly and coarse. When pubic hair begins to grow, boys may worry about small bumps that may appear at the base of the penis and on the scrotum. These bumps are normal. Boys will soon notice tiny hairs growing through the bumps. More details ... .... Pics

6 Socio Emotional Changes

Social Changes: friendship and relationship

Young adolescents begin to learn new social skills as they expand their social contacts. They also learn to cope with the excitement and confusion that accompany the changes. Adolescents begin to learn how to develop and maintain close, mutually supportive relationships with others of their own age. This social skill is essential for a normal, socially competent adult and is cultivated by involvement in a group.

6.1 Crush : Every boy or girl may start liking a person of opposite gender. During the day even one simple hello or have only glimpse, give the happy feeling and great satisfaction. Just thinking for hours and imagining romance with that special person is very common during college days. An urge to spend more time together is always existing. It may be one sided only. Many feel hurt when the same feelings are not reciprocated by the special one.

6.1 A Relationship : Although adolescents approach to friends for companionship and for guidance in some aspects of behavior (dress, hairstyle, entertainment, etc.). But they do approach their families for affection, identification, values and decision-making. More details

6.2 Dating : Generally adolescents starts meeting and going out with the same gender initially. During college age, boys as well girls may start going out for picnic or movie or for celebrations together. At a later age, when the friendship becomes more close More details..

6.3 Peer Pressure : Many times young adult is unable to say ‘NO’ to their friends. The things which are harmful to your body, your values and your family should be avoided at any cost. The first time trial of smoking or chewing of tobacco due to peer pressure puts young adults into embarrassing position. Even the sexual activities or intercourse due to fear of loosing friendship to be avoided. Knowledge on harmful effects of tobacco /alcohol /drug/ HIV/AIDS will help the young adults to avoid these things for their better health. Also the atmosphere at home should made free of all these harmful things, otherwise young adult are going to try and indulge in the same.

6.4 Abstinence : Physically the body has grown to produce the child during puberty itself. But child birth is permitted after marriage in our society, which result into almost 10 to 12 years period between physical ability and marriage. Adolescents should be physically, cognitively, and emotionally aware about mature sexual relationship and their consequences like HIV/AIDS, premature pregnancy and risk of abortion. More details

6.5 AIDS : Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a disease in which the body's immune system breaks down and is unable to fight off certain infections, known as "opportunistic infections," and other illnesses that take advantage of a weakened immune system. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS. A member of a group of viruses called retroviruses, HIV infects human cells and uses the energy and nutrients provided by those cells to grow and reproduce. More details...

7 Intellectual Changes

The intellectual development, the ability to think abstractly, begins during adolescence. Young adolescents may think about "what might be" instead of "what is." They begin to develop the ability to understand science and mathematical concepts and to reason about ideals like justice, religion, or love. Young adults may question accepted rules and may argue whether rules are reasonable and fair. They may question others' beliefs and values. The discussions and debate on many issues become stormy. They may challenge the belief system. Like, if God is everywhere, then why should they go to Church/Temple for prayers? They seek logical answers to many questions.
College days are also very important for intellectual development for future career and comfort. One has to learn the life skills to prepare for competitive environment. The right type of friendship among collegians can help each other to excel. The life goal setting, and acquiring skills to achieve it begins here.

8 Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse goes unnoticed and not complained about, as most of the times; the act is done by elders from neighbors, cousins, relatives, housemaids or friends. It may be in the form of talking of obscene language, showing pictures of obscene sexual act. Forcing to show innerwear as well as genitals. The act may be caressing of genital and other body parts, kissing and pressing, involving in the act of masturbation or upto the extreme level of physical intercourse. The child is scared to divulge the information to parents, due to family position and respect to elders. Some times child is under threat from the abuser. This is called Incest. If the abuser is not a family relative, then the act is called Molest.

Some times if the victim is teenager then he/she may like the act due to the satisfaction of sexual desire. Teenage sexual abuse may result into repetitive act. As heterogeneous sexual act is difficult, such act may be between two male members as well as agreeable to both boy/male members, then it is called Homosexuality. If such sexual act is between two girls/females and also agreeable by both female members, then it is called Lesbian activity. Such GAY activities is increasing due to sexually active teenagers and young adults. Their biological need for sexual satisfaction may not wait until after marriage and it becomes difficult to observe abstinence.

Once the child understands about reproductive healthcare, about various parts of reproductive system, then he or she can understand well about child sexual abuse and able to resist, protect or ask help from parents. Unless and until parents are friendly or the child/teenager have confidence in their parents, the child sexual abuse remain with the victim only.



...Pictures Image of Reproductive Healthcare

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