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1.1 Experiencing Puberty
1.2 Hormonal Changes
1.3 Body and Sweat Odor
1.4 Physical Changes - (Height /Weight /Pimple / Dandruff)
1.5 Physical Changes Girls (Breast / Pubic Hair)
1.6 Physical Changes Girls (Menstruation)
1.7 Physical Changes Boys
1.8 Socio Emotional Changes
1.9 Intellectual Changes
1.10 Beware of Sexual Child abuse
1.11 Reference Books for Girls and Boys ..... . Know Your Awareness Level

The words you always wanted to know during PUBERTY days. Hormones-1.2, PubicHair-Girls-1.5B, PubicHair-Boys-1.7E, Acne-1.4B,
Ovary-1.6D, Ovum/Ova-1.6E, Uterus-1.6D, Fallopian Tubes-1.6D, Sperm-1.7D,
Erection-1.7BX, Masturbation-1.7BX, Ejaculation-1.7BX, WET Dream-1.7BX,
Penis-1.7B, Vagina-1.6C, Clitoris-1.6C, Testicles-1.7B, Scrotum-1.7C, Endometrium-1.6E, Breast-1.5A, Period-1.6F, Circumcision-1.7c,
Intercourse Boys-1.7BX, Intercourse Girls- 1.6EX, Pregnancy-1.6EX,
Concieve-1.6EX, Child Abuse-1.10, Incest/Molest-1.10, Homosexual-1.10, Lesbian-1.10
For other word-query send Email to us for detail meaning : CLICK

1. Experiencing Puberty

1.1 Experiencing Puberty : Adolescents grow at different rates, according to highly individual internal "clock." Most adolescents are pleased by the expected body changes that make them look more like an adult. At the same time, they are concerned about whether their bodies are "normal." A young girl may be convinced that something is wrong with her if her developmental stages are different from those of her friends. A girl who develops early may delight in being the first one who has to wear a bra or she may become self-conscious about her womanly body. Some girls worry because they have not begun to menstruate, while their classmates already have their periods. A young boy may be convinced that he has a medical problem if he doesn't have enough facial hair growth like his friends. A boy who develops early may be proud of his physical development or he may feel embarrassed because he looks so different.

1.2 Hormonal changes

1.2 Hormonal changes :
Hormones are chemical substances, which affect growth and change in cell activity. Three physical organs involved in the production of the necessary hormones for pubertal development are the HYPOTHALAMUS, the PITUITARY GLAND, and the OVARIES in girls and TESTICLES in boys. The hypothalamus, a nerve center in the brain, releases chemicals into the bloodstream. The bloodstream carries the chemicals to the pituitary gland, an organ situated near the hypothalamus.

1.2A Hormones In girls : The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the growth of the ovaries. The ovaries then produce the hormone estrogen and release it into the bloodstream. Estrogen is responsible for many of the changes that occur during puberty. Increases in estrogen lead to breast development, changes in the shape and contour of the body and the maturation of the reproductive system. Estrogen sparks the release of the hormone called progesterone., which helps the thickening of the blood lining of the uterus.

1.2B Hormones In boys : The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for most of the changes of male puberty. Increases in the level of testosterone lead to the growth of body & facial hair, the growth of the reproductive organs, the production of sperm, the changes in the shape of the body, and the change in the voice. Other hormones, adrenal, affect the development of muscles and bones, the growth of hair, and the changes in the skin.

1.3 Body / Sweat Odor

1.3 Body / Sweat Odor : Sweat Glands are mainly responsible for perspiration. They are activated by temperature, exercise and stress. Appropriate selection of clothes in different seasons will keep the body temperature in balance with the atmospheric temperature. If the difference in temperature between body and outside atmosphere is higher, then it will result into higher perspiration. More details...

1.3A General tips on natural ways to reduce body odor.
· Shoes and socks also trap sweat, causing the bad odor to emanate from your feet. Wear cotton socks, and wear strappy /open shoes to keep your feet dry. One can try washing/soaking feet, before wearing and after removing shocks/shoes.
· Yoga or meditation keeps your mind and body under control, thus controlling the hormonal secretions in your body. The more relaxed you are, the less body odor due to stress.
· Take bath / shower after exercise. This destroys the breeding ground for the odor causing bacteria and keeps fresh feeling. More details...

1.4 Physical Changes - (Height / Pimple / Dandruff)

1.4A Height & Weight : During puberty, the growth rate accelerates. Height of girls may grow at an average of 2 to3 inches per year, while boys will grow at an average of 3 to 3.5 inches per year during the growth spurt. More details...

1.4B Acne / Pimple : The main goal of acne treatment, is to prevent scarring, to reduce the number of painful lesions and to minimize the psychological stress and embarrassment caused by acne. Acne is a disorder of the skin's oil glands that results in plugged pores commonly called pimples. Acne lesions usually occur on the face, neck, back, chest, and shoulders. More details...

1.4C Dandruff : It is flaking of the scalp, which falls like snow flakes and settles on ones brows, shoulders and clothes. It causes an unpleasant, irritating condition associated with bacteria in the case of excessive formation of scales on the scalp. More details...

1.5 Physical Changes - Girls (Breast / Pubic Hair)

1.5 A Breast Development :
The changes of puberty for girls usually begins with the onset of breast development, which depends on the level of estrogen in the bloodstream. The level of hormone production differs for each individual girl resulting into difference in onset and rate of physical growth. Breast development can begin around 9-11 years and can be divided into five stages, which last on an average for 4 to 5 years. More details...

1.5 B Pubic Hair Development :
The second major event is the appearance of pubic hair.
Stage 1 - no pubic hair growth is apparent.
Stage 2 - fine, silky pubic hairs grow along the midline of the outer labia.
Stage 3 - features hair growth that extends upward and sideways from the midline.
Stage 4 - the hair begins to cover the mons pubis completely.
Stage 5 - consists of the growth of hair into a wider area of vulva. More details...

Pubic hair shaving razor and blade for teenage boys and girls
The shaving razor used by your father daily to shave beard may get clogged with long and thick pubic hair. Instead use the traditional two-edged blade and shaving razor.

pics Three parts traditional shaving razor .... More details

1.6 Physical Changes - Girls (Menstruation)

During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

1.6 A Menarche : The most important physical change for girls, is the beginning of menstruation - MENARCHE, between the ages of 9 and 16. It is a normal & healthy event, marking the biological shift from child to adult. With the onset of menstruation, a girl becomes capable of reproduction. Her understanding will be influenced by the feedback she receives from friends, teachers and most importantly from her parents. Many young girls happily anticipate the arrival of menstruation as an event to be celebrated. They easily incorporate the physical changes that occur at menarche into their daily lives. Others girls may feel as if they are troublesome, dirty & have no control over it, since the menstrual cycle is usually erratic initially.

Menstruation should be taught in detail by mother to every daughter. The blood comes out from own vagina for the first time is frightening and embarrsaing for all the girls if they are not told before. It is not blue in color as being shown in TV advertisemnts for sanitary napkins. It is RED. pics menstruation blood from vagina

1.6 B Understanding Menstruation : Young girls want to know the facts about their growing and changing bodies.
"When will it happen to me?" or
"What will it feel like?" or
"Why do females menstruate?" or
"Why does it happen once a month?".
Girls need to be aware of the external parts of the female anatomy and the internal parts of the female reproductive system to understand better about themselves.

1.6 C External Anatomy of female : During puberty, PUBIC HAIR begin to grow on the MONS PUBIS, a mound of fatty tissues that covers & protects the pubic bone. Below the mons lie the soft folds of skin, called the OUTER LABIA. More details...

1.6 D Internal Anatomy of female : The reproductive system comprises of number of organs inside the body located in the lower ABDOMEN, safely under the pubic bone. Urinary opening under the inner labia, is connected to the URETHRA(tube that carries the urine from the BLADDER). More details...

1.6 E The Process of Menstruation inside girl's body : Menstruation is triggered by a small gland located in the base of the brain, called the PITUITARY GLAND, which produces HORMONES (chemicals that act like messengers, traveling in the blood to the ovaries). Inside the body, the reproductive system begins to function. During each monthly cycle, one of the ovaries releases an egg cell (Ova), which is smaller than a grain of mustard. It enters the nearby fallopian tube and travels toward the uterus that has a special lining of blood and tissue, called the ENDOMETRIUM. More details...

Washable multiuse menstruation cotton cloth pad for girls who cannot afford sanitary napkin and who have problem of disposal of used sanitary napkin and who wants help the environment to remain clean.
pics plastic strips for washable menstruation cloth pad
pics soft plastic strips which does not make noise
pics colorful printed cotton cloth for menstruation pad step1
pics place plastic strip on cotton cloth pad step2
pics first fold over plastic strip step3
pics second fold of menstruation cloth pad step4
pics washable menstruation pad is ready for use step5

Cotton is the best absorbent of menstruation blood flow without any side effects. Teenage girls can prepare their own cotton pad using the above steps 1-5. It is advisable to select and buy the new cloth instead of using old cloth of used up dress. Keep soft plastic strip in the fold for better security to avoid staining of panty. Place it in such a way that one fold of cloth cover should be between panty and plastic strip, while 3 folds of cotton cloth between vagina and plastic strip for more absorbency

Teenage girl first use of sanitary napkin is exciting and/or embarrassing. Every individual will have different feelings to experience. It is uncomfortable initially to move having sanitary napkin placed in the panty. The feeling of wetness and fear of stains on panty and dress bothers teenage girl. Even the disposal of used napkin is problem and advisable to dispose daily at the earliest. Do not store everyday and dispose all the used napkins only after the completion of the period.
pics normal sanitary napkin teenage girls
pics side view sanitary napkin teenage girl
pics paper sticker over adhesive on sanitary napkin
pics of stained sanitary napkin
pics of used sanitary napkin
pics stained dried sanitary napkin
pics used sanitary napkin for disposal

1.6EX Intercourse and fertilization: During sexual INTERCOURSE husband ejeculates sperm from his penis inside the vagina of his wife. More details...

1.6 F The Menstrual Cycle (M.C.), the purpose : Preadolescent girls often wonder exactly what a "normal" period will be. Physical development and menstrual cycle are controlled by the delicate balance of hormones. Stimulated by hormones from the pituitary gland, the ovaries produce the hormone ESTROGEN, which plays a major role in stimulating the physical changes of puberty, including the onset of menstruation. A second hormone, PROGESTERONE, is produced by the ovaries when ovulation occurs.
From beginning of menstruation between 11 to 14 years(Menarche) to cessation of menstruation between 40 to 45 years(MENOPAUSE), the rhythmic patterns of the female cycle are controlled by these hormones. Each time a girl gets her period, a new cycle begins. The cycle usually lasts about 28 days, but the length of the cycle varies from 21 days to 40 days. The menstrual cycle(M.C.) is explained as under: More details...

1.6 G Irregular Periods : During the first year or two following menarche, a girl may have her period at irregular intervals. Then after a pattern is established. So young teenager should not worry much even her first few periods are longer than two to three months. After a year or two normal pattern of monthly cycle will get established.

A change in environment or routine or any emotional stress or illness may upset the cycle, causing the period to begin later or earlier than expected: More Details...

1.6 H Vaginal Secretions : Girls may worry unnecessarily about the normal vaginal discharge/secretion that often begins at puberty. Normal vaginal secretions, resulting from increased hormone levels in the blood, are experienced by most girls. More details...

.. .. details on Panty & Menstruation

pics Panty liners for less flow or lean flow periods. Panty liners are used to protect the panty from stains even with few drops of menstruation blood. Panty liners are thin compare to normal sanitary napkin. After the major days of menstruation period are over, one can use panty liners. Panty liners are useful for few hours and when compulsion to wear tight dress.
pics cover of panty liner packaging
pics panty liner teenage girl
pics backside view panty liner teenage girl
pics slim side view panty liner 4 teenage girl
pics used stained panty liner

1.6 I PreMenstrual Discomfort (PMS) : Most girls never experience any cramps or discomfort, maybe just a few occasional twinges. These twinges are usually just muscular contractions of the uterus. They are felt in the lower abdomen on the first or second day of the menstrual cycle. Some girls may also experience headaches, depression, backaches, swollen breasts, a slight weight gain, acne, or sudden mood swings, etc. before/during period. Girls should note down such observations and speak to parent if their symptoms continues or become severe. Normally, cramps can be relieved by heat application (a warm bath or heating pad) or by medication.

1.6 J Problems in Menstruation : Occasionally, girls worry and need advice on unexpected changes in their menstruation cycle. A problem exist, if even after more than two years of menstruation, periods are consistently irregular and unpredictable. A menstrual pattern usually becomes regular & predictable within two years. Menstrual flow that is excessively heavy or long(lasting more than the individual's usual number of days), should be reported to a doctor. If menstruation stops for more than two months after regular period pattern is established, then consult gynecologist. About 95% of all girls have begun menstruating by age 16. Thus, a physical examination is advisable if menarche has not occurred by age 17. Any bleeding from the vaginal area that occurs between periods should be discussed with parent/doctor.

1.6 K External Protection : Many girls use cotton clothes to be kept between vaginal opening & panty. The old cloth is cut as per their requirement of sizes and changes once or twice a day depending on the flow. Such clothes are reused after proper washing with antiseptic and drying in the sunlight. A variety of ready to use normal or self-adhesive sanitary napkins that adhere to panties, are available. Many girls like the thin sanitary-pads because they are comfortable for active lifestyles. Girls can try initially different menstruation protection cloth/pad available and decide whichever is the most suitable to them. Cloth or pad have high absorbency to absorb the menstrual flow and avoid staining of panty.

pics of winged sanitary napkin, which can be tightly placed over the crotch of the panty for total protection even at the sides. The new technology have thin napkins to ease some of the uncomfortable feelings.
pics cover 4 winged sanitary napkin
pics folded winged sanitary napkin
pics unfolded lengthwise winged sanitary napkin
pics open wings of thin sanitary napkin
pics backside view of stickers on winged sanitary napkin
pics few teenage girls sanitary napkin brands

1.6 L Personal Hygiene for teenage girls : The need for more careful attention to personal cleanliness during menstruation will contribute to a girl's comfort and confidence. Once menstruation begins, the body's production of oil and perspiration may increase during the days before the period is due. The following tips can be helpful as girls begin to develop personal care habits:

==> Girls should gently cleanse the external genitalia ( mons, labia & clitoris) with soft soap & water as part of their daily bathing to help eliminate odor. More details..

1.7 Physical Changes - Boys

1.7 A Growth Spurt in Boys: The growth spurt may start as early as 11 years of age and as late as 16 years. Boys will also gain weight & grow in height during puberty, so it is important to stress good diet, nutrition and exercise during this age. The shape of the face will change, shoulders will broaden, and body strength will increase. Voice will deepen as vocal cords grow. Cracking in voice can occur during this time of growth.

The pituitary gland produces hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for most of the changes of male puberty. The growth of body & facial hair, the growth of the reproductive organs, the production of sperm, the changes in the shape of the body, and the change in the voice are result of increase in the level of testosterone. Other hormones, adrenal, affect the development of muscles and bones, the growth of hair, and the changes in the skin.

1.7 B Growth of Testes and Penis : The changes of puberty for boys usually begins with the enlargement of the testes/testicles. This development may start as early as 9 years of age, with the average age of about 12 years. Some boys may notice that the testicles have grown; others may not. At this time, the scrotal sac (Scrotum) loosens, grows longer, and deepens in color. During puberty, the penis will grow longer and wider. This growth may start as early as 10 years of age or as late as age 14, but the average age that growth begins seems to be at about 12 years. As the penis grows, its skin will become dark in color.

1.7BX : Teenage Boys Ejaculation :Usually between the ages of 11 and 15; boys may experience their first ejaculation, a landmark of achieving adulthood. Ejaculation is the process by which semen/Sperms are ejected from the penis. Sperms are very tiny live seeds for reproduction, produced in testicles. More Details...

1.7 C External Anatomy : The two main parts of the external GENITALS, are the PENIS and the SCROTUM. The penis is made up of the shaft and the head or glans. The glans is covered by the foreskin, which is sometimes removed at infancy by a surgical procedure known as CIRCUMCISION. The small opening in the center of the glans through which urine and SEMEN are released, but one at a time. The scrotum is a loose sac of skin and muscle that lies under the penis. The scrotum houses two TESTICLES which produce sperm cells. The scrotum regulates the temperature of the testicles in order to make sperm.

1.7 D Internal Anatomy : The system is designed to produce, store, and transport sperm cells. The testicles / testes contain chambers / tubules, where sperm is produced. The testicles also produce the hormone TESTOSTERONE that causes most of the changes in males during puberty. The EPIDIDYMIS, a storage compartment composed of tiny tubes, lies behind and is attached to each testicle. These tubes store the sperm cells while they mature. More details...

1.7 E Appearance of Pubic Hair : At puberty, boys will notice hairs at the base of the penis. During this developmental stage, pubic hair may gradually darken and may become more curly and coarse. When pubic hair begins to grow, boys may worry about small bumps that may appear at the base of the penis and on the scrotum. These bumps are normal. Boys will soon notice tiny hairs growing through the bumps. There may be other bumps consist of oil and perspiration. These bumps are also normal.

1.7 F Growth of Beard & Moustache : Another major change in appearance in boys will be, growth of Beard and Moustache. Initially few hairs will grow on upper lip and slowly it darkens. Then after, hair will grow on cheek & chin area. The area coverage will increase. But some boys may have very scanty hair growth even after they become adult. This is normal. The density of hair growth is different for individual boys, and so they should not worry about it. Even the time when it starts and reach full growth stage will also be different.

1.7 G Trimming or Shaving : Trimming of pubic hair can be done with a small scissors. The most important factor for a smooth, comfortable shave is using a sharp blade, to minimize drag against your skin. A blade should be replaced before it starts to irritate your skin, particularly in tender and more sensitive areas. Clean your razor / blade after every use, so that hairs, shaving cream and dead skin cells accumulated on the blade will be removed.

Using a shaving brush with a shaving soap/foam allows you to lather well. This gives hair more lift. Shave in the direction of hair growth, to reduce any damage to your skin. Using warm water on your hair prior to shaving gives the whiskers a chance to swell up a bit. This softens the whiskers and allows them to be removed more easily. Once you are finished shaving, rinse the area with either cold or lukewarm water and apply antiseptic after-shave lotion. One may get small, red bumps after a day, at few points of hair root. These bumps will disappear in two or three days.

1.8 Socio Emotional Changes  
Young adolescents begin to learn new social skills as they expand their social contacts. They also learn to cope with the excitement and confusion that accompany the changes. Adolescents begin to learn how to develop and maintain close, mutually supportive relationships with others of their own age. This social skill is essential for a normal, socially competent adult and is cultivated by involvement in a group.

Although adolescents approach to friends for companionship and for guidance in some aspects of behavior (dress, hairstyle, entertainment, etc.), they do approach their families for affection, identification, values and decision-making. Adolescents frequently seek the company of other adults, such as teachers, relatives or neighbors, who serve as role model or adviser. Adolescents want more autonomy in dress, outing, selection of friends, or how they spend their free time. They are not seeking complete independence but rather limited independence with a voice in determining specific rules and limitations concerning to them.

The selection of friends and dress, show their independent identity. They can discuss for hours on various issues. They feel that friends understand them better and have common concerns. They seek little privacy to create their own world, where parents are not allowed.

Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from mixed teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Q on Email from Teenage Boys & Girls and their Parents are received

1.9 Intellectual Changes

The intellectual development, the ability to think abstractly, begins during early adolescence. Younger children think concretely, while young adolescents may think about "what might be" instead of "what is." They begin to develop the ability to understand science and mathematical concepts and to reason about ideals like justice, religion, or love. Young teens may question accepted rules and may argue whether rules are reasonable and fair. They may question others' beliefs and values.

The discussions and debate on many issues become stormy. They may challenge the belief system. Like, if God is everywhere, then why should they go to Church/Temple for prayers? They seek logical answers to many questions.


1.10 Beware of Sexual Child Abuse

Sexual child abuse goes unnoticed and not complained about, as most of the times; the act is done by elders from neighbors, cousins, relatives, housemaids or friends. It may be in the form of talking of obscene language, showing pictures of obscene sexual act. Forcing to show innerwear as well as genitals. The act may be caressing of genital and other body parts, kissing and pressing, involving in the act of masturbation or upto the extreme level of physical intercourse. The child is scared to divulge the information to parents, due to family position and respect to elders. Some times child is under threat from the abuser. This is called Incest.

Incest is most common form of child / teen sexual abuse. Most of the time it is easy for them to be laone in room and house which tempts such act. The brother sisters, cousins do play together since their childhood. Their games involve physical touching and holding, which were very innocent way to play during childhood. But as they grow and few of them start getting sexual feelings due to reproductive hormonal changes in their body, those innocent games may slowly result into sexual fantacy and sexual pleasure. Sister and brother sharing same bedroom, coat and even changing clothes in front of each other during childhood may continue during puberty. Sometimes such intimacy result into Incest, where both of them enjoy each other body touch sexually. It is mupto parents to give separate place to sleep during and after puberty.

If the abuser is not a family relative, then the above act is called Molest. Here most of the time it may be elder family friend or neighbour or housemaid.

Some times if the victim is teenager then he/she may like the act due to the satisfaction of sexual desire. Teenage sexual abuse may result into repetitive act. As heterogeneous sexual act is difficult, such act may be between two male members as well as agreeable to both boy/male members, then it is called Homosexuality. If such sexual act is between two girls/females and also agreeable by both female members, then it is called Lesbian activity. Such GAY activities is increasing due to sexually active teenagers and young adults. Their biological need for sexual satisfaction may not wait until after marriage and it becomes difficult to observe abstinence.

Once the child understands about reproductive healthcare, about various parts of reproductive system, then he or she can understand well about child sexual abuse and able to resist, protect or ask help from parents. Unless and until parents are friendly or the child/teenager have confidence in their parents, the child sexual abuse remain with the victim only.


1.11 Reference Books for Girls and Boys


• It's perfectly normal by R.H. Harris
• Bringing Up Parents: The Teenager's Handbook by Alex Packer
• Changing bodies, changing lives by R. Bell
• Girls are girls and boys are boys, So what's the difference? by S. Gordon
• Girls Speak Out: Finding Your True Self by Andrea Johnston
• Girl Talk, all the stuff your sister never told you by C. Weston
• What's Happening to My Body? : Book for Girls:
A Growing up Guide for Parents and Daughters (by Lynda Madaras)


• What's Happening to My Body? Book for Boys:
A Growing up Guide for Parents and Sons (by Lynda Madaras)
• Understanding Puberty and Adolescence (by C. Zima)
• Boys' Delayed Puberty: How to Erase Fears (by C. Wibbelsman, MD)
• Delayed Puberty (at U. Mass Medical Center)