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5.1 My First Trimming Scissors
5.2 My First Shaving Razor/Blade/Cream
5.3 For Girls : My first Bra
5.4 For Girls : My first Branian
5.5 For Girls : Sanitary Napkins
5.6 For Girls : My First Washable Menstrual Pads
5.7 My first Pimple / Acne
5.8 My first Dandruff
5.9 Bicycle Seat-cover
5.10 Underwears during teenage
5.11 Consultants & Advt ..


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During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under


39a pics teenage bra big breast seamless no hook
39c pics teenage bra seamless full back pulled up straps
39d pics teenage bra seamless parallel back single strap
39e pics teenage less bounce big breast full coverage bra
39f pics teenage bra without hooks .......


5.1 My First Trimming Scissors

During puberty, initially most of the boys and girls like to cut/trim unwanted pubic hair, underarm hair, facial hair(boys). Due to physical activities and exercise lot of sweat comes out of the skin near hair roots mainly in the pubic area and underarm. Trimming of these hair is essential to reduce sweat odour from hygiene point of view. Bacteria otherwise grow in these moist area, result into unnecessary and embarrassing itching sensation..

One can use a good, clean, sharp and small scissors for trimming. Scissors should not have any rust. If possible one can keep this tiny scissors exclusively for oneself for the trimming purpose only. It is also advisable to clean the scissors with antiseptic solution before use as safety precaution.

5.2 My First Shaving Razor/Blade/Cream :

Shaving is the most common form of hair removal. Men have been shaving their beards & mustaches as well as under arms & pubic hairs for thousands of years. Many ladies routinely shave their legs & underarms and pubic hair.

A clean razor with a sharp blade is essential for a safe and comfortable shave. The blades and razors should not be shared with others. Skin should never be shaved dry; wet hair is soft, pliable, and easier to cut. The shaving blades may be double edged or single edged. The shaving razors are different for double edged and single edged blades. Also, twin blades razors and disposable razors are available in the market. Contrary to what many believe, shaving does not change the texture, color, or rate of hair growth. It is quick and convenient, but can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts from the razor blade.

For Girls : Helpful Shaving Hints : section puberty
For boys : Shaving Beard & mustaches : section puberty

Pubic hair shaving razor and blade for teenage boys and girls
pics Three parts traditional shaving razor
pics of two edged shaving blade
pics pubic hair shaving razor N blade
pics placing blade on top part of razor
pics tightening handle of pubic hair shaving razor
pics pubic hair shaving razor without middle part

The shaving razor used by your father daily to shave beard may get clogged with long and thick pubic hair. Instead use the traditional two-edged blade and shaving razor. As shown in pics one can place blade only with top part and tightened the blade with handle. Do not use the middle part. This method will help you better shave without clogging of long hair. Boys should be very careful to shave of hairs from scrotum and penis. Scrotum skin is uneven and easily get cut, which will put you in embarrassment Similarly girls should be careful to shave hairs over vagina and labia as it is in folded position and difficult to see properly. Help of parents in initial stage may be advisable to learn

5.3 For Girls : My first Bra

39a pics teenage bra big breast seamless no hook
39b pics teenage bra printed changeable straps without cup
39c pics teenage bra seamless full back pulled up straps
39d pics teenage bra seamless parallel back single strap
39e pics teenage less bounce big breast full coverage bra
39f pics teenage bra without hooks .......

.. Trendy Uniform
Bra selection:

It is suggested to buy cotton bra only. Laces should be avoided because it may cut & scratch, in tropical Indian climate. If you wear close fitting clothes, then wear a seamless bra or bra with small dart stitching. Straps must be adjustable and have good elasticity. Rigid straps will cut into shoulders and if they are loose and springy they will not give adequate support to breast. A fastening with two or three hooks is much more comfortable, adjustable and supportive for daily wear. All straps should have adjustable levels for the hooks to be tightened or loosened to accommodate fluctuation of weight or washing changes.

How to wear the Bra :
Females should wear…. Girls may find difficult to close the hook initially. One can take bra and wrap around below the rib cage and bring hook in front, so that you can close it easily. Generally 3 adjustments are given for hooks. You can try one by one to see which one suits you. Comfortably. Then after closed hook bra move over the rib cage, so that hooks go in the backside and bra-cups come in the front side. Lift up the cups over your breast and insert hands one by one in the bra straps. Adjust the bra straps in such a way that breast weight are carried by them.

Ask about issues bothering you on your physical,emotinal and reproductive healthcare and development to improve BODY IMAGE. CLICK HERE


When to discard the Old Bra :
If you find uncomfortable even after adjusting straps and hooks level, you should change the bra. The straps elasticity as well as elastics provided near the hooks adjustment loose their elastic property, one should discard the old bra and go for new one. Young girls may have to change the bra due to the growth development of their breasts.

Females should wear bra, straight at a horizontal level from the front and at the back. Unless a bra fits just right, it could ruin the shape of breast. Never buy a bra without trying it on & never ask others to buy for you. Because nobody knows your body like you do.

Bra & Cup size measurement:
Measure your rib cage under the breast in inches(M1) and add 4 or 5 inches to bring it to an even number(B1). B1 is the bra size always sold in even nos.; 28,30,32, etc. Measure(M2) across the top of your bust/nipple without a bra on. Then the cup size(C1) will be M2-B1 that means, subtract the bra size (B1) from this bust/nipple measurement(M2). If the M1 is 29-30 your bra size B1 is 34". If you measure M2 as 35", then (M2-B1=C1) will be 1" that means cup size is B. Corresponding to difference(M2-B1) the cup sizes are given as under :

Cup size C1=M2-B1 Bra size is always mentioned in inches
AA Minus 1" Cup size is always mentioned in Alfabets
A zero In India, only few Brands give cup size
B +1"  
C +2"  
D +3"  

When the difference of measurements (M2-M1), between M1(at the rib cage) and M2(at the nipple) reaches around 3", one may start wearing bra(AA).

Determining of your size

Firt time bra user

size chart BRA

How to use bra and panty : tips & problems

5.4 For Girls : My first Branian

Young girls wear frock petticoat under their frock skirt or shirt, as undergarment covering their upper body, while the Boys wear "Baniyan' under their shirts. The boys continue to wear Baniyan even after they reach adulthood and throughout their old age. But girls wear 'Bra' after their breasts grow fully, somewhere between or at the end of their puberty period during adolescence.

BRANIAN for girls is very similar to 'Baniyan' for boys, except that the length is short, which ends near the ribcage of the girls. It is made of very fine quality of cotton having high absorbency required for the undergarments. Girls get used to wearing BRANIAN, so that when they start wearing BRA subsequently, they will fill comfortable. They are mentally ready to wear bra, which is other wise uncomfortable. Mostly BRANIAN is available in white, off-white or cream colour. It is advisable not use colour undergarments, as many times colour comes out and becomes harmful to skin.

Girls also starts wearing Sports Bra during early adolescence period. Sports bra does not have hooks and girls can wear them easily like petticoat or top.

5.5 For Girls : Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins are used by girls during their menstruation. It is outer protection to keep the panty and dress protected from messy brown/red flow and its stains. Sanitary Napkins come in various lengths and thickness. Thin elastic belt is provided with every pack of sanitary napkins (with belt type). Instruction are provided for how to use the belt with sanitary napkins. Some females do not use belt, instead simply keep the napkins at the crotch of a tight fitting panty and wear them. Some females keep separate panties for the use during menstruation period, so that all panties do not stained by chance. There are pads made for a heavy flow. There are pads made for a light flow. An adhesive backing on the pad will stick the pad to the panty. Some pads also have wings on the side to help protect the underwear and hold the pad in place. Napkins size depends on the heaviness of the period flow and level of activity. They help keep the flow on your pad and help avoid messy leaks on the back of your favorite night dress or sheets.

Teenage girl first use of sanitary napkin is exciting and/or embarrassing. Every individual will have different feelings to experience. It is uncomfortable initially to move having sanitary napkin placed in the panty. The feeling of wetness and fear of stains on panty and dress bothers teenage girl. Even the disposal of used napkin is problem and advisable to dispose daily at the earliest. Do not store everyday and dispose all the used napkins only after the completion of the period.
pics normal sanitary napkin teenage girls
pics side view sanitary napkin teenage girl
pics paper sticker over adhesive on sanitary napkin
pics of stained sanitary napkin
pics of used sanitary napkin
pics stained dried sanitary napkin
pics used sanitary napkin for disposal

Picture 32 a absorbency power of saniatary napkin:

Picture 32 b : stain of menstruation on sanitary napkin:

pics of winged sanitary napkin, which can be tightly placed over the crotch of the panty for total protection even at the sides. The new technology have thin napkins to ease some of the uncomfortable feelings.
pics cover 4 winged sanitary napkin
pics folded winged sanitary napkin
pics unfolded lengthwise winged sanitary napkin
pics open wings of thin sanitary napkin
pics backside view of stickers on winged sanitary napkin
pics few teenage girls sanitary napkin brands

Pantiliners are very thin pads. Pantiliners have adhesive backing to hold them securely in place in panty. They are perfect for when your period is just beginning or just ending, when the flow is very light. They can also be used for normal discharge (vaginal secretions) in between periods. pics Panty liners for less flow or lean flow periods. Panty liners are used to protect the panty from stains even with few drops of menstruation blood. Panty liners are thin compare to normal sanitary napkin. After the major days of menstruation period are over, one can use panty liners. Panty liners are useful for few hours and when compulsion to wear tight dress.
pics cover of panty liner packaging
pics panty liner teenage girl
pics backside view panty liner teenage girl
pics slim side view panty liner 4 teenage girl
pics used stained panty liner

Do not have habit of collecting used pad in a plastic bag for all days and thenafter throw away alltogether. It will spread foul smell, virus, disease. Pic 33A sanitary napkin disposed in open

5.6 For Girls : My First Washable Menstrual Pads

Washable multiuse menstruation cotton cloth pad for girls who cannot afford sanitary napkin and who have problem of disposal of used sanitary napkin and who wants help the environment to remain clean.
pics plastic strips for washable menstruation cloth pad
pics soft plastic strips which does not make noise
pics colorful printed cotton cloth for menstruation pad step1
pics place plastic strip on cotton cloth pad step2
pics first fold over plastic strip step3
pics second fold of menstruation cloth pad step4
pics washable menstruation pad is ready for use step5

Cotton is the best absorbent of menstruation blood flow without any side effects. Teenage girls can prepare their own cotton pad using the above steps 1-5. It is advisable to select and buy the new cloth instead of using old cloth of used up dress. Keep soft plastic strip in the fold for better security to avoid staining of panty. Place it in such a way that one fold of cloth cover should be between panty and plastic strip, while 3 folds of cotton cloth between vagina and plastic strip for more absorbency.

Menstruation. On that first day of period, the girl would never have imagined to see blood in place of urine slowly coming out of vagina. But then a lot of things didn't really turn out as expected. Also, girls do not have any control over it on timing, nor they can resist for few minutes. So, one need to keep extra protection to keep spare panty and dress from getting stained.

Simply keep the good cotton or terry cloth, which can be found easily in the house. Red or brown or such flower print would be a good colour. Simply fold in half, then half again - both lengthwise. You should have a long narrow pad now. Place in the crotch of the panty, and generally cloth against cloth doesn't move due to friction. For more absorbency, simply fold two cloths together or use organic cotton cloth. For waterproof protection, you can cut strip of a transparent plastic film, and lay it at the bottom layer of cloth pad. One can try out and arrive at the thickness and absorbency level which is comfortable.

Washing care : Wash your pads before their first ever use to increase absorbency and to remove any undesirable chemicals.
After use, unfold the pad, soak them in water and rinse as you go for bath. If you soak them in cool water you will find staining to be minimal or nil. Then wash with detergent. Again soak in water mixed with antiseptic solution if desired. Take it along with the bath towel and hang to dry. Iron it after drying, if you want for better comfort during next use. After few uses, if the pad becomes hard and stained, replace the same with new one.

Do not collect and store daily used pad for 3 -4 days and dispose off all together. The used pad may gnerate virus and foul smell. pic 33D menstruation stained cloth pad

5.7 My first Pimple / Acne

Acne is caused when the pore openings on the face, neck, back, chest and arms become plugged with too much oil production made particularly during adolescence when the hormones are elevated and the oil glands have increased in size. As the pores become plugged with the excess oil and loose skin, blackheads, white heads, pimples, and even deeper lumps, (cysts or nodules) occur. The oil is irritating to the surrounding skin causing redness seen in the pimples. Bacteria can also more readily grow in this environment further aggravating the acne. Acne affects most of the teenagers; both boys and girl. While acne usually clears up after several years even if untreated, you need not wait to outgrow it. Untreated acne can leave lifelong scars. While not a life threatening condition, acne can be upsetting and disfiguring. When severe, acne can lead to serious and permanent scarring, one can consult the dermatologist.

Trendy fashions for teenge girls

Treatment: Wash your face with a facial cleanser or soap and warm water twice a day. Washing too often may actually make your acne worse. There are many cleansers, select the one for you that is right for your skin type, whether it be dry, oily, or sensitive. Removing makeup each night to keep the pores from becoming plugged. Avoid removing makeup by roughly wiping the make up off.

Shampooing: Regular shampooing is also recommended as oil from your hair can make acne worse particularly around your hairline. If your hair is oily, you may want to wash it more often.

Shaving: Males with acne who shave should try safety razors to see which is more comfortable. Soften the beard thoroughly with soap and warm water before applying shaving cream. To avoid nicking pimples, shave as lightly as possible. Shave only when necessary and always use a sharp blade and a good quality shaving cream.
For our puberty page also.

5.8 My first Dandruff

Dandruff is flaking of the scalp, which falls like snow flakes and settles on ones brows, shoulders and clothes. It causes an unpleasant, irritating condition associated with bacteria in the case of excessive formation of scales on the scalp. The scales are formed from the horny layer of the skin and comes out, whenever the hair is brushed or rubbed. It may also appear as lumps or crusts on the scalp. Excessive itching is caused and the scalp may turn red due to scratching.

Diet is the most essential factor for the treatment of dandruff. Your digestive system should function properly. Raw foods, especially fresh fruits, vegetable, sprouted seeds, raw nuts and whole grain cereals to be included in daily diet. Drink warm water daily and all other measures adopted to eradicate constipation. Exposure of the head to the rays of the sun in the morning is also a useful measure in the treatment of dandruff.

Most essential factor is to keep your hair clean. Your brush, comb, hair pins etc. must be frequently washed or else you will re-infect your scalp each time you use them. Dandruff is highly infectious, hence strictly avoid borrowing or lending combs and brushes. If severe dandruff problems persists consult the dermatologist.

5.9Bicycle Seat-cover

During PUBERTY period boys and girls are using bicycle at maximum level. The hard seat-base of bicycle may damage the delicate reproductive organs. Specifically girls who are using cycle frequently may hurt the Clitoris in long run. It is advisable to use cushioned cycle cover, available in the market. It can be easily fit on the hard seat-base, and will make the cycle ride more comfortable.

5.10 Underwears during teenage Pics panty for menstruation period

40 teenage white girls panty short ... teenage underwear should be cotton which breathe. Sweat, perspiration needs good knitted fabric. Vaginal secretions and menstruation stain may spoil panties. During menstruation keep a separate set of panties. A good panty can give better shape and look to hips. The design shown below is cotton panty having design for breathing to have cool and confortable experience

For more details on Panty & Menstruation

40a pic teen boys white brief underwear ... .... 40b pic teen boys printed underwear ... ... 40c pic teen boys white V-brief... ... Boys should also prefer cotton white underwears which are comfortable. Scrotum, penis and pubic hair do have problems like itching and bad odour. Wear clean underwears daily.

Keep separate panty for menstruation period
pics colorful printed design of menstruation period panty
pics inside view of menstruation panty
pics crotch design of menstruation period panty
pics buttocks view of menstruation panty

The stains of menstruation blood remain permanent on panty and dress. So teenage girls can cultivate the habit of keeping the separate set of panties for menstruation period. It can be colorful and printed with fast colors; so that any unwanted stain will mix with the colorful design. It is embarrassing to dry the stained panties, so this design print will help.

5.11Consultants & Advertisement

We will help you to develop marketing strategies for introduction of new products or to increase sales or to design & market your web site to achieve your ultimate goal of increasing sales turnover profitably. Our major focus of marketing is towards teenagers, as our experience with teenage psychology will produce better results for your business subsequently. Priority will be given to those products & services which will be used by the teenagers for the first time during their adolescence / puberty.

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