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pics female masturbation

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Girls masturbation is also common and normal and healthy if carried out with care. Self slowly stimulating of own clitoris, outer labia and vulva with fingers and palm from outside only and achieving ultimate orgasm is helpful for abstinence till marriage. .. Agreessive movement may damage the critical skin and rupture the veins under clitoris and uretha and labia minora and cervix.

Picture 31 girl finger masturbation.jpg ...

31B labia stimulation masturbation.jpg ..

pics teen girl masturbation outside only clitoris

Orgasm in females do happen, but unlike male, where ejaculation of sperm can be seen, females can only experience the expansion and contraction deep inside the inner walls of inner labia. Sticky transperent fluid similar to semen in males, also moist the inner walls of vagina.

pics moist labia clitoris vagina during masturbation.jpg

After orgasm sometimes sticky flyuid may come out from vagina ..

pics whitish transperant fluid secreation

pics transparent secreations from vagina during orgasm lubricating labia clitoris

The clitoris become erect from inside due to increased blood flow. ..

pics erected Clitoris Uretha underneath

One will perspire more. Vulva also may feel like swollen a bit due to increased blood circulation.

DO NOT insert any object, even your own fingers in the vagina for masturbation, it may harm critical organs and skin and Cervix also may get damaged with deep insertion. .. 31C DO NOT masturbate with insertion of own fingers/objects.jpg .............

pics damaged cervix opening inside vagina due to solid insertion...

pics smoking is injurious to health, and oral forced masturbation is also an offence & Only self masturbation is considered normal for boys as well as girls. Married couple can resort to masturbation with each other if they both like it.

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