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pics puberty for sanitary napkin use & disposal

Picture 32 a absorbency power of saniatary napkin: Picture 32 b : stain of menstruation on sanitary napkin: Menstruation blood should get absorbed in the cotton sanitary napkin totally. Only minute stain may be visible on the outer side, if absorbency and quality is good. Plastic or any other synthetic layer touching to skin may irritate, may become allergic or also result into rashes.

Picture 33 pics disposal of sanitary napkins.jpg ...Pic 33A pics sanitary napkin disposed in open ....pic 33D menstruation stained cloth pad .... The major problem is disposal of used sanitary napkins in the bathroom, in the house, in the home dustbin and in the community dustbins. As after some time the foul smell may start spreading and every female feel embarrassed to drop the used packs. Do not use very old cloth as washable pad for hygienic reasons. Also reuse should be after proper washing and drying. Used washable cloth pads should not be thrown or left with menstruation bloods. It is preferred that the cloth is put under tap water, so that most of the blood will wash away with water and then after put them in the waste newspaper and dump it in the dustbin /waste container.

Pciture 33e : placemnt of sanitary napkin over crotch of panty: Sanitary napkin is to be placed between the crotch of the panty and the vulva-vagina. The panty is to be tight enough to hold the napkin/pad. Elastic belt, adhesive or wings type are used to keep the napkins in the place.

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