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Pics of Boys' Genital care:

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PICS. Penis tip is covered by foreskin. Many times this skin is surgically removed, which is called circumcised. Circumcised penis remains cleaner, as moisture and infection have lesser chance to accumulate under the foreskin. Some religion practice circumcison. Some parents adopt circumcision of penis of their son for health reason. Picture 5 penis circumcised foreskin.jpg .. sometimes even due to infection the glan is operated for surgery to cure disease. . pics teen penis hurt

Even near the base of the penis glan under the skin one can see tiny pricle like shape protuding, which are normal. pics small pricks like protuding on penis glan base

During intercourse the foreskin help for easy insertion, if properly understood. Mainly urine remains under this foreskin after urinating, which smells afterwards. So pulling the foreskin upwards before urinating, which have less chance for urine accumulation and result into reduce bad odor. After urination thr foreskin can brought back over glan, so that tender skin over glan of penis will not have any friction due to movement against the garment of innerwears. pics pubic hair growth surronding penis with streatched skin while urinating

preetens penis and scrotum is existing since birth. only pubic hair and testicles development takes place during puberty ... pics preteen penis scrotum before testicle pubic hair development ... .. .. ..

some times the scrotum becomes tight and contracted and testicles appear in small size pics scrotum testicles contracted and appears small in size .. ..while sometimes scrotum will be loose and hanging showing maybe uneven testicles size pics loose Scrotum with unshaved pubic hair

PICS Few boils can become an irritant to boys. This is quite normal as boil on other part of the body. If they are more in nos. and infection starts, consult your parents and doctors. Similar boils may also be seen over vulva of girls. Consult parents and doctor if necessary without feeling embarrseed.Picture 6 penis with boils .jpg .. ... .. pics glan penis skin disease problem ... ... wart penis skin disease to be reported to doctor

Many teenagers may get their skin near the base of penis and near thigh area get infected. It becomes reddish. It is iching frequently. Sometime embarrasing in public place. Generally teengers avoid to go to doctor and resort to OTCcream/lotion available in medical shop... .. pics skin problem scrotum and thigh

Uneven growth of testicles in the scrotum is another worry to teenage boys. But it is normal that sizes of both the testicles ma not be same. Only if it is painful, one should consult parents and doctor. pics testicles having different siz e within scrotum

Scrotum needs air circulation. so wear good knitted cotton underwears. Scrotum is kept outside the body to improve the production of the sperms in the testicles at around 2 degree lower temparature then the body temparature.

Pubic hair to be removed periodically by trimming or shaving it. Sweat and urine may get accumulated at the base of pubic hair and give bad odor due to production of fungus or bactearia. It also give itchy feeling and unintentionnaly one scratch the genitals in public which gives bad image... pics of male pubic hair .

pubic hair at the base of penis and over scrotum is the most difficult to trim and very risky to shve. so generally it is advised to trim only with the help of small scisscors instead of shving with blade. Any cut will be very embarrasing to go to doctor , but if it happens do not hesitate to urgently contact doctor. pics uneven scrotum skin pubic hair very difficult to shave

As the puberty gets over and teenage boys will attain the full lengh of penis alongwith full growth of pubic hair, the proper daily wash and care is most important. Clean underwear, if possible washed by self so that it is individually wased and not mixed with underwears of others to avoid spread of infection form or to others. Clean, trimmed or shaved is very important for every teenge boys now.

pics pubic hair growth surronding penis unshaved look unclean

pics foreskin penis pubic hair trimmed

pics foreskin penis pubic hair shaved

Erection of penis is very natural. During puberty / teenage it may be more often due to increase of hormones for maturing of male rerpoductive organs. Morning erection is the most often experienced due to overnight urine storage and feeling of emptying the bladder as soon as one wake up. Also due to cold, or touch or sexual toughts, sexual reading, watching sexual images or movie, or even seeing girls buttocks in tight jeans and breasts in tight tops and also with daytime sexual fantasy, erection of penis is noticed. It is automatic and many times one cannot control even if wish to. It becomes embarrasing in pubic place. .. .. pics penis erection pubic hair shaved foreskin strecthed ... ... ... pics penis erection pubic hair unshaved foreskin strecthed

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