Your body grows
during TEENAGE.
So take care NOW,
instead of later.
Balanced Diet &
Exercise are main

Better Understand Physical Health Emotional Health Sexual Health...

6.1 Understanding Body Image
6.2 Take time for your Feet care
6.3 Can Skin Glow?
6.4 Skin care of Back & Neck
6.5 Body hair care
6.6 Photography

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Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

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Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

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During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

6.1 Understanding Body Image

Everyone has a body image. How do you describe yourself. It is basically the mental picture you have of your own physical appearance and the attitudes and feelings you have toward it. An unrealistic body image occurs when your mental picture is unrelated to physical reality. Many adolescents reject their body, no matter what their actual body size or shape. They despair about their height, breast or skin complexion rather than appreciating their individuality and viewing their physical attributes favorable.

Strong socio-cultural reasons to achieve the ideal body size and shape, which is unattainable for most adolescents. Undue emphasis is often placed on body image. Adolescents tend to disregard their successes in all other areas and have low self-esteem because their body is not in the ideal shape.

* Close your eyes, put your hand on your body part and say thanks to your body parts one by one : eyes, ears, nose, hands ….. Try a tender message for helping you to live the life in this world.

* Begin by accepting that it's what's inside that counts, and work at describing the importance of looks in your life.

* Spend few minutes daily looking at your body in a mirror - don't judge. Notice curves, length of arms, muscles, complexion etc. And Complement yourself.

6.2 Take time for your Feet care

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Feet are the most used parts of the body, but we rarely take time to give them the required attention. Pedicure and massage once in a week leave feet feeling refreshed and clean. Soak feet in a bowl of water for about ten minutes. Rub feet with a body scrub, so that any rough skin that may have formed on the heels and the balls of the feet can be removed. Wash off all traces of dead skin and dry the feet thoroughly by removing excess water. Wipe the feet with cotton towel. Cut the nails at the roots across and file smooth. If you keep nails longer, then remove dirt at the root. Cut them to give outer shape and file smooth.

Start massage with oil/lotion at the base of each toe/finger and work down the foot making small circular movements with your thumb and forefinger. Work the lotion between the toes and massage each toe by gently rolling it between the fingers. This helps to stimulate the circulation and pressure points. Lie down for about five minutes in relaxation position.

6.3 Can Skin Glow?

Certain girls have a peaches and cream complexion while others have a dull and lifeless one. Where Does the Complexion's Healthy Glow Come From? Our complexion has its ups and downs, peaches and cream to dull and lifeless. Our complexion says a great deal about our physical and mental state. Emotions, nutritional excesses or deficiencies, fatigue, stress, age, all have an affect on our complexion.

Microcirculation is the deep-down source of a healthy glow. This effect is triggered by the mechanism of back scattering of light within the skin, making it glow with added freshness and a slightly rosy color. The skin's smooth surface allows for homogeneous light diffusion within the skin. If microcirculation has been effectively stimulated, light will more easily reflect off the red blood cells that become the source of the skin's color.

If we analyze one ray of light hitting the skin's surface, a small quantity of the light is reflected directly while the major portion penetrates the different layers of the skin. If the skin's surface is irregular, it absorbs light, breaks it up and reflects it in many different directions. The skin then has a lifeless, whitish appearance. This is particularly the case with dry, scaling skin. Greasy skin will also be reflected by excess sebum, giving skin a shiny appearance. On the other hand, smooth, clear skin will allow a better penetration of light. Reactivating microcirculation is sufficient to give the skin a Healthy Glow. In cases of extreme stress, fatigue or shock, the body blocks microcirculation in order to send more blood to vital organs. Stress provokes the contraction of micro-vessels. This inhibits blood circulation and the skin's rosy color fades. To maintain the skin's rosy hue, microcirculation must remain active. Be happy and tension free. A smile will make all the difference.

6.4 Skin care of Back & Neck

There's a lot you can do for yourself . Rather than covering up and hiding your body parts, take care of the skin. During daily bath, one may not have enough time to pay attention on each and every parts of the body. A weekly light scrubbing down with pumice stone or a scrub gives a fresh and smooth look to the skin. The back, the shoulders and the neck area needs extra weekly care. There's nothing like jet shower massage to relax the tense nerves of the skin. A shower bath in the evening or before going to bath will also give relaxation as well as clean the skin from whole day's perspiration, body oil, dirt particles.

Include healthy diet containing vitamin C like fruits and raw vegetables. Fast or remain on liquid diet once a week to detoxify the system. When toxins overload the body, the skin appears blemished and sallow. Following a detoxification program will give your skin a chance to regain its natural shine.

6.5 Body hair care

Hair Dye : Hair coloring smoothen the outermost layer of hair. There appears to be no connection between the application of hair color and the appearance of gray hair. Hair turns grey due to the inability of hair to produce melanin in the early stages of hair growth. Melanin is the color pigment in your hair, which can be black, brown, yellow or red. The individuality of your hair color is determined by the percentage of each color pigment, making each person's hair color characteristically their own. Poor diet, illness, age, heredity, etc can cause the acceleration of grey hair and the actual use of a hair dye has nothing to do with the graying process. Hair can be checked out for porosity or elasticity, both of which play a major role in how healthy the hair will look after the color.

Side effects of hair coloring : If a professional taking all the precautions, the side effects are almost nil, especially if the one follows the after care recommended. However, it is very important that a patch test is necessary, with a new hair color. This is to check for allergic reaction before carrying out the coloring process. This should be done at least 24 hours in advance.

Frequency of hair coloring : Few colors fade easily and need application once a month, for example, to maintain the intensity. In the case of grey hair, it would depend on the individual growth rate of hair. On an average, hair grows ½"- ¾" every month, so a touch up once in 30 days is a must for grey hair. For those with no grey hair and a mild color not too different from their natural color, a touch up once in six months is ideal. For those with a drastic or dramatically different hair color, a root touch up is important. Too much exposure to sun, sea and chlorine should also be avoided.

Unwanted Body Hair : Adolescents seek unwanted hair removal simply because of aesthetic or hygienic reasons.

Waxing : a thin layer of heated wax is applied on the skin in the direction of the hair growth of legs and arms. The hair becomes embedded in the wax as it cools & hardens. A strip of jeans type cloth is pressed on the above portion. The cloth is pulled off with wax & hair, quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, taking the uprooted hair with it.

Waxing can leave the skin sore and open to infection. Waxing should not be used over veins, moles, or warts. They should not be used on the eyelashes, inside the nose or ears, on the nipples or genital areas, or on irritated, chapped, sunburned, or cut skin. A small area should be tested for sensitivity or allergic reaction before treating the entire area.
Hair will return within four to six weeks. If you don't mind pulling a sticky bandage off your own skin, and if you have too much unwanted body hair, then you may be the perfect candidate for waxing.

Bleaching : Bleaching does not actually remove the hair. It lightens the hair color so it appears blonde or golden. All hair bleach kits come with two essential components: the actual hair bleach mixture in cream form, and the activator mixture, which is always in powder form. Follow the instructions to obtain the proper proportion of bleach to activator. Never combine the two until you're ready to begin bleaching, always immediately discard any unused portions and never mix the two together in any kind of a metal bowl or container.
Whatever bleach you get, be sure to do a patch test. If no redness, irritation or eruption occurs, you can proceed with the full application. To date, no evidence has been presented of harmful effects of bleaching to the skin. However, the bleaching agents that lighten the hair can also alter the pigment in the skin. This can result in a change to the skin texture, making it thicker, coarser and sometimes darker.

Threading : It is mainly used to give shape to eyebrows and some facial hair on the upper lip. Threading utilizes a strong thread which is twisted and pulled along the area of unwanted hair, lifting hair directly from the follicle. The pain experienced during Threading is no worse than that experienced during waxing. A small pinch is felt with the removal of hair. Unlike waxing which can be messy and time consuming, Threading requires no external products, only the use of 100% cotton thread and a minimal amount of time with a skilled beautician. Threading does not have the unpleasant side effect of irritation and rashes caused by the "stripping off" of the top layer of dead skin that accompanies waxing. The benefits of
Trimming : During puberty initially most of the boys and girls like to cut/trim unwanted pubic hair and underarm hair. Due to physical activities and exercise lot of sweat comes out of the skin near hair roots mainly in the pubic area and underarm. Trimming of hair is essential to reduce sweat odour.
One can use a good, clean, sharp small scissors for trimming.

Shaving : It is the most common form of hair removal. Men have been shaving their beards & mustaches as well as under arms & pubic hairs for thousands of years. Now, many ladies routinely shave their legs & underarms and pubic hair. A clean razor with a sharp blade is essential for a safe and comfortable shave. Skin should never be shaved dry; wet hair is soft, pliable, and easier to cut. Contrary to what many believe, shaving does not change the texture, color, or rate of hair growth. It is quick and convenient, but can cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs and cuts from the razor blade.

Helpful Shaving Hints for Girls :
* Self Shaving is carried out to remove unwanted hair.
* Pre-soak the area first. You can do this by taking a bath or a shower, or placing a hot washcloth over the area to be shaved for few minutes.
* Apply a shave cream with shaving brush.
* Use a fresh blade safety razor.
* Pull the skintight and shave in the direction of the hair growth. You won't get as smooth a shave as shaving in the opposite direction of the hair growth . But by shaving with the direction of hair growth may reduce those annoying red bumps that sometimes appear in a day or two. Never try to shave quickly, otherwise one may get cut unnecessarily.
* After shaving, dry your skin gently but thoroughly. Once the skin is completely dry, use antiseptic lotion.

After you've shaved a few times, you'll find that you can shave more often and with less itch and irritation. The itching will go away eventually, lessening each and every time you shave.

6.6 Photography

Photography is a great art form. It requires basic training as well as good sense of creativity. The camera plays the key role in good photography. Professional photographers are using Digital cameras having 2 to 3 Mega Pixels. Proper lighting from different angles makes the picture perfect. The make up improves tone of your skin. The dress colour and fitting makes the individual photograph the beat looking. Portfolio photography has to be planned in advance, so that dresses, make up, location etc can be finalized. Good photography is expensive, but it leaves lasting memories.