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Prepare yourself for First PELVIC examination during PUBERTY or TEENAGE, which is NORMAL & NECESSARY

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Teen girl's comfortable skirt for better body growth, blood circulation, breathing around genital

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Select your dress which are comfortable to your body parts for better teenage growth, personal hygiene, blood circulation and breathing by skin.


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During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

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uneven left and right breasts growth stages in teenage girls is normal


hair around nipple should not be shaved.

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PHEROMONEs may arouse sexual feelings of opposite gender ??? Does Deo kills the effect of Pheromone?


Pheromone is a chemical produced by an organism that signals its presence to other members of the same species. Of particular importance in sexual behavior

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Boils over penis is very normal, but hygiene and health care is needed to stopspreading it and increasig

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Pimples and acne are the worry for teenage boys andd girls!!

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Pubic hair growth if not trimmed or shaved may irritate or fungus/bacteria may grow and smell bad

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Kiss, Hug, Holding hands are all very good touch therapy.

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