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TeensNparents Counseling & Grooming for Teenage Boys & Girls

Timimgs: 4 PM to 7.00 PM on with prior appointment only

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1. Physical development

2. Emotional development

3. Intellectual Development

4. Parenting of Teenagers

5. Soft skills / Communication skills

Teenager Annual Membership:

Consultancy for parents, college teenagers, for school teenagers,

Workshop/Lectures in schools & tuition classes and for housing societies.

Specific programs on Saturday & Sunday for a batch of 12 to 20 teenagers and parents.

1. Physical development

1.1 Height increase & Weight increase

1.2 Pimple care and skin care

1.3 Body & Pubic hair care hygiene

1.4 Genital care & infection

1.5 Dental care & repair

1.6 Eye care for better vision

1.7 Chest development & personality

1.8 Breast development & Bra selection

1.9 Menstruation & sanitary napkin use

1.10 Body image & postures

1.11 Immunity & general health issues

2. Emotional development

2.1 Relationship family & friends

2.2 Infatuation, Crush, Fantasy & love

2.3 Anger, Anxiety and annoyance

2.4 Self-confidence Vs. Inferiority

2.5 Parent-teenager relationship

2.6 Stress & depression

2.7 Loneliness & suicidal behavior

2.8 Negative / Positive peer pressure

3. Intellectual Development

3.1 Logical Mathematics

3.2 Spoken English

3.3 Group discussion

3.4 Personal interview

3.5 Public speaking

3.6 Memory power & concentration

3.7 Communication skills

3.8 Importance of Art & sports

4. Parenting of Teenagers

4.1 How to communicate with teenagers

4.2 Infatuation, crush, friendship & Love

4.3 Listening unspoken words

4.4 Reproductive healthcare of teenagers

4.5 Siblings & gender bias effects

4.6 Teenage sexual abuse

5. Activities GD & PI, Pub;ic speaking, anchoring, library

Group Discussion, Public speaking, Anchoring & Personal Interview are based on soft skills development during teenage itself. It gives self-confidence among competitive environment while facing entrance examination for BBA, MBA & JOB. These communication skills can be mastered during teenage and it becomes the lifestyle. A batch of 12 students will participate on various current topics. The main language will be English. Students can improve their spoken English through daily self-learn working guidance. One-hour evening session on 3 days a week, between 5.30 to 7.30 PM on weekdays. Special session on Sunday.

Our faculty will be Dr Jyot, who has done his Marketing Management from IIM-Calcutta and Ph.D. on Marketing of Adolescence Education from MSU. He has been visiting faculty for MBA and PGDM courses and also conducted Interviews.

Mission for Admission to IIM / MBA for Gujarat students is taken up under the leadership of Dr. Jyot, Alumini of IIM Calcutta - 1980 batch.

Early learning of life skills during teenage is very very important.If the teenage boy/girl is motivated with his/her life dream and identiofy the role model, it becomes easy to move on.......................

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