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Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from mixed teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India


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Q on Email from Teenage Boys & Girls and their Parents are received as under:

Q: well if possible plz send some pictures of female hymen, bec all speak for that I am very curious to know how they look, and all about menstruation ...

Q: this time i would like to know more about female mensurational flow (with discarge) vagina cleaning, baby formation, delivering a baby, c-section in pregnancy. role of male in female, . I would request to plz provide pictures will ll make us further more clarifying our doubts and myths

Q: how can i be a confident person??

Q: Does anything help to reduce the amount of blood flow during a period?

Q: i am 13 years old boy and i dont wear an underwear.i dont know why but my parents force me that i should start wearing it important to wear one. if so why? and my penis get enlarged at school also when my friends(boys)crack sex jokes and when talk about always gets enlarged. please answer to both my

Q: underwear sizes & how to trim my extra long pubic hair

Q: im female student age 18, i want to have sex at this age. is it normal? what is a right time to have to perfom sex?.

Q: Im 19 yrs old and my height is 5'3 yet only. Im worried related further growth Desire height is more than 5'8 . May it be possible & how the same can attain. Hopeful suggestion for improvement is requested.

Q: Is it safe to have premarital intercourse?? can pregnancy occur without actually having intercourse?? means can pregnancy occurs if a male ejaculate his sperms on a girl's thighs??

Q: does masturbation effects health????????????? is there any harm or effects by doing masturbation twice or thrice a day??

Q: i would like to know all of the symptoms of being pregnant. my period haven't came on in 2 months but tests say i am not pregnant and the doctor also say that i am not pregnant could u tell me wants wrong and the symptoms of being pregnant.. my symptoms 1. tired, 2. feeling sad or down, 3. feeling sick...

Q: i would like to know about the type of bra and menstrual products early adolescents can use. about tampons. Etc

Q: i have small amount of hairs under my arms .i want to grow more hairs like bush what can i do for it help me

Q: well the thing is that i m 19 now and i really don’t know how to talk to ppl. whenever i speak either i spoil everything or i dont say anything. i look like an idiot in public. i really dont know tat wat the hack i m doing. plz do help me

Q: hi there i realy dont have any self confidence. i say something and do the opposite i make a decision and change it just like that or if any one says the opposite. i think a lot about a small things which really dont mater i think over them for hours

Q: ya i dont have anything realy to do in life.this is what i feel sometime in my life.

Q: Is it abnormal & worrysome if my son got pubic hair at the age of eight years and now at the age of 9 years he is having few armpit hair. His pubic hair are not curly and his height is average about 130 cms. No other changes I observe in his voice or growth except that he is having eye allergy for many years and his tooth gets cavities.

Q: My son is 9 (+) year old and his pubic hair as well as under arm hair have been started growing. I think it is too early at his age of 9 years for this development. I want to know which direction these symptoms are indicating? what could be the repercussions of premature adulthood?

Q: My daughter is 17 now. She got matured 3 year back. Her periods are regular. Recently I observed that only her left breast is developing. Her right one looks very small. She wears branian. Do I need to consult doctor for this ? One of her teacher suggested me that she can wear bra instead of branian. I measured her size. It comes to 32B. But she may feel uncomfortable with bra. I don't know the reason for her teacher's suggestion.

Q: My brother is studying Graduation in Fashion Technology. Simultaneously, he wants to become a male model. He is now 22. He has got very good skin complexion. But he could not do modelling due to excess hair growth on his chest & stomach and it looks very odd. Is there any permanent solution for this ?

Q: I am 24 years old. I got married just 1 year back. After my marriage my periods have become very irregular. I took treatment for this. But its of no use. Could u tell me reasons for this. My periods takes nearly 2 1/2 months sometimes.
My one more problem is I was wearing 36D size bra and it was perfect. But from the last 10 days I am feeling very uncomfortable. It has become very tight and I could not put hooks on my back. Do I need to change my bra size. Or is it temporary change in breast size.

Q: My age is 26 years. I want to enlarge my breast size. Can you suggest some safety method / treatment ? My Bra size is 36A. Do u think my breast size is disproportionate to my body. Its giving odd look to my body. I am getting married in another 2 Months. Will it create any problem after Marriage ? Kindly give me some solution.


Q: I have a 15 year old son. We are having a disagreement about shaving. He wants to start shaving now and I feel that it is too early for him to do so. Could you please help me and tell me what age should he start shaving? He does have a very little hair, very thin, and light. It is a little bit visible. But not much. Could you please help me figure this out.

Q: My daughter is 10 years old, she is having a pain in her lower abdomen for the last 4 days. We have the ultrasound done to find out what is wrong, found out that follicles appeared very prominent. May be sign of pre-menstrual phase in the young girls please let me know how long she will go through with this discomfort.

Q: I believe my husband, who committed suicide in 1997, was molesting our daughter who was 8 when he died. He had been shaving his pubic hair for several years prior to that. Is this practice common for abusers?

Q: i am 18 i2 years back my brother i 6 year elder than me and is doing his ms in us. my brother is being respected a lot and he really mix up wherever he goes. he has a good relationship with all our cousin. and me on other hand fill like neglected no one care for me good at nothing even my own parents make me fill like this sometime i know that i am not perfect and in this there would kind of 60 percent my fault i don't have a real friend nor a real brother or sister nor cousins. and i liked a girl she too liked me from our childhood we were together but now it is like whenever i go to india for a month or something she comes to me only 2 days before i am leaving india before that she is like stranger and she is like going for my money kind of thing. ok i know i am not hrithik or shahrukh but i am nice guy.and the bigest thing now i fail 3 subjects in my degree study hard for it for 3 months and now due to some new rules cannot sit for the exam that is next week and i cannot tell this to my parents.
i really fell like to suicide sometime but don't know what holds my leg may be i am too weak. it is like i am really frustrated please guys help me out

Q:: I want to know what type of bra should I wear, my breast is getting bigger but my mum says I shouldn't wear a bra till I am older. It is uncomfortable as my breast shakes every time during physical exercise. I also notice some hair near my hole down my body can I get rid of them?

Q: Ive recently had sexual intercourse for the first time and we did use a condom but my conscience has me feeling i might be pregnant and a week later my breast seem to be growing and they are sensitive and tender. A couple of days after the intercourse i took a pregnancy test and it said i wasnt pregnant but im still worried. Should I take another test or am i just being paranoid

Q: Hello. I am inquiring if there is anything I can do or give my daughter for the hormone changes she is experiencing. She doesn’t have any menstruation, but she has shown a huge increase in emotional problems.

Q: I want to wear deep neck blouse when I am in saree. But if I wear deep neck blouse, bra rib remains outside on my back. Because blouse neck goes below bra rib. I tried to adjust bra straps. But its not getting adjusted properly. Do I need to adjust my bra Or blouse. My bra size is 38D. It gets adjusted from front. But on my back, bra hooks rib remains outside becuase of deep neck. Can u suggest some solution for this ?

Q: My age is 34. My daughter is 9. She has matured just 1 month back. Do you think that its early puberty. I am also very much afraid. She is now studying 4th standard. She does not have any knowledge about this. How can I educate her? Please suggest me.
One more problem is, I will get severe stomach pain during that 3 days. I consulted doctor also. they have suggested some medicines. But still its continuing. Can u suggest some specialists for this?

Q: My daughter is 18 years old. She was matured 5 years back. All these days she was not wearing bra. She was always telling that it is very irritating for her. But she was wearing branian. From the past 1 year her breast is developing rapidly. She looks very boosty. Her breast size looks very abnormal when compare to other girls of her age. Now i am insisting her to wear bra. I measured her bra size. Can u tell me whether it is correct: Her measurement under the breast is 29. I added 5 for this. So her band size is 34. and at the nipples level it is 38. So she should wear 34D size bra in my opinion.

Q: Is Shaving, Trimming or reducing pubic hair safe or does it take away any beneficial function of the pubic hair?

Q: A detailed answer if it could be an early sign of pregnancy, or if no then what is wrong with my nipples? Why are they so red itchy, feel like they are cracking and always hard??

Q I came to know that u will give right solutions for women's problem. I am 28 years old and my weight is 62 Kgs. My waistline comes to 54 & hipline 58. Presently I am wearing 38D size bra. If I wear bra, bra cups will come up. It means it will go above my breasts during walking. I am facing problem if I wear chudidar. After walking some distance that bra will come up and my breasts becomes visible through chudidar. What is the reason for this. Should I wear bigger bra or is it the problem of bra straps. I tried to adjust bra straps also. But its of no use. When I wear it fits properly. If I walk it becomes like that. Can u tell me some solution for this

Q: I need information on what can happen if you do not wipe after you urinate. what are the effects and how if can effects a girl i have a 11 year old daughter who doesn't want to wipe after she urinates its becoming a problem i have tried every thing hoping to get some info maybe to scare her to do it thank you for the info

Q I am aged 18, height 5.1, waist 25 and hips measurement is 28. I am facing problem while wearing bra. Because my breast nipples are little bit longer, may be 3/4 inch. If I wear bra, my nipples gets pressed and it creates pain. What can I do for this? My bra size is 36D. My Nipples gets pressed if i wear bra. I tried big bra for my nipples. but it won't fit for me. Is there any other solution.

Q: I never knew about Bra. But in my school my teacher told me to wear Bra. I asked my friends also. One of my friend gave me her bra. but if I wear that I feel very uncomfortable. Is it compulsory to wear that. My friend told me that I have to tell my size in shop. What size I have to tell. Please suggest me

Q How to increase breast size naturally?' Rite now i m doing massage regularly with olive oil n size is just 32'' it doesn't pick out of my dress.

Q: I am a 17 year old boy. how come I always get razor burn? I shave in the shower with shaving cream and clean safety razors...but I still see the burn. Am I doing anything wrong? Should I keep shaving...I eventually want to shave my legs for track...Please respond.

Q: i used to apply lipsticks but for the past six months after using any lipstick, i have itching sensation and after that lots of small lesions appears on my lips and when i stop using lipstick for one week then my lips becomes black and it does not look nice. I think this is an allergy to the product. but I do not know which because i have used different brands of lipsticks and i am facing the same problem with all of them but earlier it was not the case. Please help

Q. I know that it is possible to intercourse and NOT break the hymen on the first or even the second time, so what I want to know is if my hymen is not broken can the sperm pass through my vaginal walls to my uterus?

Q if the male sperm are ejaculated outside the Hymen, it has chance to travel through Hymen into the vagina and to the uterus.

Q I had sex a day or two before my period is supposed to start but it doesn't come that next day, can my period just be delayed due to my body going through that for the first time? Might I see it later this month or even the beginning of next month?

Q: I am doing my research paper on the stages of puberty in girls. I would like any information on the subject that you might have. I will note all info given by you in my paper.

Q: i m a boy having breast what to do? should i wear a bra?

Q: why does my daughter grow hair on her chest? She is 16 and she is the only one out of my 4 teenagers but i don’t understand because she is a girl it should not be there should it, so she shaves it off, its just not normal, what is that for is there a cure? she doesn’t use oils or anything there but shaves and its starting to discoloration the area and leave little hair bumps.

Q: my client is launching a sanitary napkins to the higher bracket of the society. i.e sec a and b. what should be the positioning of the product

Q: What would the irritation be like? Like red and bumps or something? I am curious because since i started shaving pelvis its been different down there... I am getting worried. well what if its lasted about a week and a half? what could i be doing WRONG?

Q: What percentage of teenage girls shave pubic hair completely. I prefer to do this, but am afraid of being thought strange by a doctor or nurse

Q: explain the procedure to wear sanitary napkins with pics

Q i have visited your site .it is very informative. i am married,27 years old facing problem of small breasts .i married 6 months ago my husband wants big one i am really tense.if you help me i will be very grateful , name of any medicine which i can please help me i,ll wait for your answer very anxiously

Q I started to get breast buds when i turned 10. It was shocking. I never really cared about that part. After looking at them, i looked them up. Never got a real answer. So, now i am almost 12. And my breasts has been staying the same. They didn’t change after like when i was turning 11. Later then that but still, they stayed the same about 1 year and a half. Is there something wrong?

Q My age is 19 years, Now please can you guide me about my body line.>My breasts are too small.>Any idea to increase them . >And one thing about my vagina.>there hairs i want to remove permanently. >Please guide me.........>

Q I Want to start wearing a bra I am 11 years and 5 months old. I have started to develop at least a little bit on my chest now. I would like to start wearing a bra. 2 of my friends are not any bigger than me and already have bras. How should I ask my mother for one? I am a bit embarrassed to ask and afraid she might laugh or say I do not need one yet, but I really want one. My mother did not wear a bra until she was over 16. How can I convince her that I am ready? Please reply soon.

Q How to wear Sanitary Napkin?

Q How to soothe fear on whether heavy menstruation is normal or not?

Q Can I get some more information on sanitary napkins for my project?

Q Is early morning erection an every day thing? I get worried when sometimes I do not have any.

Q How can you make facial hair grow faster?

QHow possibly a female get pregnant?

Q: is masturbation harmful or not. i also smell panties of girls. is all this harmful or harmless?

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