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Our Logo

Parents to become friends of their teenage sons/daughters to understand them and guide them. Like umbrella protect them from negative influence in this world. Teenagers also to see that their parents are the best friend in their life and feel free to approach them for every little guidance on changes of adolescence.
Male and female relationship is very important in human life. Father-son, Father-daughter, Mother-som, Mother-daughter, Brother-sister, Boyfriend-Girlfriend, Husband-wife etc.. are bonded with love and trust. Stronger relationship makes happy and healthy life. Male and female are two pillars of human life and strong foundation with love and understanding will reach to ultimate happiness and satisfaction in life.


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Our Objectives

teensNparents.com is marketed using the different media tools in India to reach:

1. All teenagers & their parents, young bachelor adults, young couples.
2. Business persons manufacturing and marketing their products & services for the consumption & use by TEENAGERS and young adults.

The web site will provide information, counseling and consultancy on :

1. Adolescence education :

In addition to academic curriculum, adolescents need value based education for their overall personality enhancement. The hormonal changes within their body during early adolescence are bound to occur and result into physical & emotional changes affecting their behaviour. We will guide them to be comfortable with correct knowledge about their body and preventive healthcare. Also we will prepare them to resist negative influence with respect to tobacco, alcohol and sex.

2. Teenage Parenting & Counseling :

The social, emotional and intellectual changes experienced by adolescents may create communication misunderstanding with their parents, as we term 'The Generation Gap'. Parents as well as adolescents have strong belief, attitude & ego, which come in their way to see other's point of view. Teenager's feelings travel from child to adult and vice versa very often and create mood swings. They need friendly support from the parents. Here, vr4u to bridge the communication gap for happy teenage parenting.

3. Marketing Consultancy

We will help you to develop marketing strategies for introduction of new products or to increase sales or to design & market your web site to achieve your ultimate goal of increasing sales turnover profitably. Our major focus of marketing is towards teenagers, as our experience with teenage psychology will produce better results for your business subsequently.

The Doctors, the Counselors & the Professionals will give their expert advice on inquiries received through email. Their clinics, institution, business will be promoted on our web site for mutual benefits and you can even approach them for detail guidance.

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If you are interested, please contact us for more details:

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Our Team

Our Teenagers & Parents

All the teenagers and parents who worked
with us to create ‘teensNparents.com’ Niyati, Tanvi, Bansari, Dhaval, Sheetal, Jimi, Roshani
and many more and their parents, who like to see that
adolescence education can help not only in total
personality development, but also in happy
parents-teenagers relationship.

Our Founders
Alkesh Thakrar
A master in polymer processing, having rich experience. He wants to manufacture hygienic, safe and the most useful products for teenagers and approach them with correct information through this website. The next generation will be equipped with adequate information and trustworthy products.
Rama Jyot
She is a person, who has visualise to create a platform, where experts can come forward to guide adolescents, young adults and their parents for overall personality development. She has plans to operate SHARE N CARE counseling centers where different groups of parents as well as teenagers can share, care and gain better understanding of challenges of changes.
Our Honorary Advisors

Dr Ashvin Shah
He is a pediatrician, totally involved in teenager preventive healthcare matters. He also guide students for career selection and prepare them to face examinations and entrance tests. He runs his Freind of Teenagers program in schools and other educational istitute. He operates at Baroda-Gujarat-India
Dr. Nina Vaidya
She is a pediatrician, totally involved in adolescent preventive healthcare matters. She has an ambition to create total awareness on changes of adolescence / puberty to every boy, girl and their parents. She operates at Navsari-Gujarat-India
Dr. Jyot Mohan
Marketing professional from IIM Calcutta, having 25 years of marketing experience. He is a certified teacher of “ Skills For Adolescence” (SFA), a program of Lions-Quest International. He has done Ph.D. research study on Marketing of Adolescence education in Gujarat. He wants that teenagers themselves should understand that development of their body & mind is essential during adolescence. Reproductive and sexual health awareness is the need of the hour.
Dr. Jayraj Jadeja
He is a Reader at Faculty of Management Studies, M S University of Baroda, having wide experience. He is always ready to guide students in Marketing projects. He would like that Adolescence education should be considered under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Corporate sector should fund and sponsor ARSH for the next generation.
Adolescence Councilors who inspire us

Nidhi Sharma Counselor A Post-Graduate in Guidance & Counseling from the M S University of Baroda. She is an active member of SUBAH – Counselors Association of Vadodara. She aspires to be especially helpful to parents in developing an open and healthy relationship with their children. Parenting of Teenagers is her subject of choice in days to come.

Minny Shah Counselor A trained and certified Counselor dealing with all types of teenage cases, she also holds a masters degree in social work. Presently working as school counselor with a reputed school, counseling is her passion. Besides helping the adolescents in their personal, social and academic problems, she has an ambition to develop sensitivity in them towards people as well as the surroundings.

Anupama Mital Communication Faculty:
MBA in Human Resources development from Mumbai University and Diploma in Training & Development (ISTD). A professional human resources trainer. She would like to train the youth for their entrance, interview and professional career and also for overall personality.

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