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PUBERTY TEENAGE are the best years for BODY & MIND Development

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During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from mixed teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium Co-Ed. School Baroda-India

Q on Email from Teenage Boys & Girls and their Parents are received

Teenage girls workshop on physical & emotional changes during teenage by Dr.Jyot
Teenage girls listening to their queries being answered by Dr. Jyot
Tteenage workshop on 'Better understanding of Teenage' at school by Dr.Jyot

Nidhi Sharma Counselor A Post-Graduate in Guidance & Counseling from the M S University of Baroda. She is an active member of SUBAH – Counselors Association of Vadodara. She aspires to be especially helpful to parents in developing an open and healthy relationship with their children. Parenting of Teenagers is her subject of choice in days to come.

Minny Shah Counselor A trained and certified Counselor dealing with all types of teenage cases, she also holds a masters degree in social work. Presently working as school counselor with a reputed school, counseling is her passion. Besides helping the adolescents in their personal, social and academic problems, she has an ambition to develop sensitivity in them towards people as well as the surroundings.

Anupama Mital Communication Faculty:
MBA in Human Resources development from Mumbai University and Diploma in Training & Development (ISTD). A professional human resources trainer. She would like to train the youth for their entrance, interview and professional career and also for overall personality.

Are your children/students wearing comfortable and healthy School Uniform?


Adolescent period is a very crucial and critical phase in the life of a human being. Many changes are taking place in the physical, emotional, and intellectual's aspects of the life of a person. Therefore we should deal with their problems carefully and sympathetically. Parents and teachers should play the role of a guide, philosopher and friend.

Saji Mathai, Principal, Gujarat Refinery School. Baroda, Gujarat-India


School curriculum should include Adolescence education topics more in detail, Science at the secondary level. The parent, and the school counsellor should take more time from their daily routine and listen to the growing children for their emotional development.

Manas K Pal, Principal, Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Baroda, Gujarat-India


Adolescence education becomes all the more important in school because according to Hinduism; adolescence is considered to be the stage of "Bhramcharya' when one learns traditional values and basic skills relevant for future role. During this phase of transition an individual experiences more rapid physiological, psychological, cognitive and socio-emotional changes and to keep the balance of all these change, it should be made compulsory in all the schools.

Ranjana Gupta, Principal, Utkarsh School, Udayan Education Society, Baroda, Gujarat-India


There is a hesitation in imparting information about puberty, reproduction etc. in our traditional society. The onus has been placed on school to provide such education through school curriculum, talks etc.. But I still feel that such delicate, sensitive issues can be discussed only in a limited way in the classroom, as students feel shy to ask questions. Therefore this has to be substantiated by parents at home. They should encourage the children to confide in them and seek their advice. It is imperative for parents to inform children in matter of health-puberty changes and healthy habits.

Shavitri Zutshi, Principal, St. Paul's school (Petrofils) , Baroda, Gujarat-India.


Teenagers are concerned about their body image and complain overweight and underweight. They also are worried about academic poor performance, admission in under graduate courses and career planning. Awareness can be created through seminars in the school, distribution of handbills, exhibitions etc. Audio visual presentation to teenagers and parents on adolescence education will improve understanding. Encourage exercise and sports, along with scientific diet.

Dr. Ashwin Shah, Adolescent Medicine Specialist, Baroda , Gujarat-India.




Teenagers inquire about puberty changes and pimples. They have fear-complex to discuss their problems due to unsaid secrecy. Education program for parents to break myths and to promote healthy discussions will help. Propagating reproductive hygiene knowledge at secondary school level with the help of teachers, parents and media will generate awareness.

Dr. Archana Dwivedi, MB . DGO, Baroda , Gujarat India.


Teenage girls do inquire about their menstrual problems and physical development. Contraceptive awareness in school with the involvement of parents may help. A balanced diet and regular exercise will strengthen their body development. Sex education in school may be introduced for correct awareness.

Dr. Vijaya Mehta, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Baroda , Gujarat-India


Teenagers approach with problems of Acne, Alopecia (hair loss), and fungal infection. They may avoid too much cosmetic use and adhere to little diet control for preventive measure. Self medication to be avoided at any cost which are generally promoted through advertisement and OTC (Over The Counter) selling.

Dr. Ravindra Patel, Dermatologist, Baroda , Gujarat-India.


Academic achievement not meeting the expectation is the major cause of stress with teenagers. They complain about depression disorder and anxiety disorder. Planned and structured daily routine will help in reducing stress. Outdoor extra curricular activities involving exercise may refresh them. Parents can give Quality Time to listen them and to talk to them. Print and electronic media will generate awareness if used properly.

Dr. Gautam Amin, MD(Psychology), Baroda , Gujarat-India.


Adolescents visit to correct Refractory Error in the eye. Eye injury while playing as well as ocular allergy (dust, heat etc.) are frequent causes for eye treatment. Malnutrition resulting into vitamin A deficiency and poor eye sight is common nowadays. Early diagnosis and treatment is very important, as refractory error can not be prevented. Media awareness and routine check up of eyes in the school to watch for signs/ symptoms of disease will help.

Dr. Mohit Mital, Ophathalmologist, Baroda , Gujarat-India.


Adolescence Educator and research scholar for teenage related issues. Teenage products promotion through educational awareness on reproductive and sexual health for happy and healthy married and professional life is the need of the hour.

Dr. Jyot (Adolescence Facilitator)


Children have dental problems like: Malocclusion, caries and fractured anterior teeth. Regular and early check up by dentist is necessary to avoid oral habits and early preventive treatment to save the tooth. Yearly dental check up in the school should be compulsory.

Dr. Anju Shah, Dentist, BDS, Baroda , Gujarat-India.


Most of the students are pressurised to do well in academics by parents because of competition. If this pressure is reduced students will take part in co-curricular or ectra-curricular activities willingly. Grade system should be introduced. Lectures of Doctors and NGOs should be organised in the school to discuss about sex education.

Ms. Stragdhara Kothi, Supervisor, Tejas Vidyalaya, Baroda , Gujarat, India


We should provide appreciation from time to time and help them to know themselves better, so that they can change themselves. Give adolescents unconditional acceptance. If they deviate, give them support, which they actually need to change themselves.

Ms. Nilima Hazare, Principal, Mothers School, Baroda, Gujarat, India.


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