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Pubic Hair Shaving by Teenage Girls and Boys.

How to insert n remove TAMPON? How to dispose TAMPON?

The first ejaculation

Bleeding from Vagina

Heavy mentrual bleeding

Access to Puberty Information to Teenagers

Safer Sexual Behavior

Tweezing your eyebrows

Definitions of ‘X’ ‘XX’ ‘XXX’

Friendly Relationship

Boys are from Mars : Girls are from Venus

Pointers for Eye Care

Communication skills : Some dos and don’ts

Nicotine addiction due to smoking.

An Art Of Parenting at 'Share & Care Teenage Zone

Can we avoid teenage suicide

Books references for teenage development and parenting of teenagers:

child sexual abuse, a cause of concern

doctors suggests reproductive education

In Gujarati (reproductive education)

repressive norms lead to sexual violence

reproductive education in curriculum

Thin is not sexy

reproductive education is must in school

rethinking on reproductive education

teenage body face image

Teens health compare to parents

Kids adult behavior is causes of concern for parents

Schools to introduce activity based approch for learning

Teenage emotional development is not understood properly by parents

English is a language with world do the business, so learn better to compete

sex education should be named reproductive health care education

Gujaratis have to master English for their globalisation

Fast food can be nutrious too

Fortification for junk food is possible for better health of young generation

Daily Outdoor sports activity is must for teenage body & mind development

Make the classromm study more interesting by books and teachers

IIM - A identified talented teenagers. CAT is easy with life skills

IIT EEE is easy if your fundamentals are clear during teenge at school

IIT topper can be from Gujarati medium school also

Malnutrition, parents to focus on teenage physical development

School councelors is the need of the hour

Awareness on sex in india page1

Awareness on sex in India page 2

Parenting of teenagers is easy if Parents learn first

parents and schools responsible for teenage violence

Arjun to Aklavya - teenagers who learn by theselves

Parents to understand sucidal symptoms of teenger

Parents can make their teenagers sexually confident

parents to understand teener's infatuation and love and suicide symptoms

Quality primary education : goal of Indian central and state government

School in Gujarati medium College in English medium

Sucidal symptoms increasing in teenagers and youth

Take care of EYES of your teenagers now!!

Create teenage role model for life achievement

Teenage to initiate for big time medals in life at international level

Teenage Road accidents- Who is responsible?

2009 All About BRA / Brassieres / Breast Health

The Best alternatives to bra for breast

BRA or BRALESS, Breasts will sag due to gravity due to its own weight increases.htm

Bras and growth of breasts and health

Relationship between breast disease and wearing a bra.

Is a BRA GOOD or BAD for your BREASTS?

Social and peer pressure plays a major part First teen Bra

Sports Bra or Braless Choice is yours

Why females are forced to wear BRAs?


2009 All about Breasts

All about Nipple and Areola.doc

Redness, Itchiness under the breasts over ribcage

Breast is a breast, do not compare with others, yours is unique!

Breast obsession due to early stoppage of Breastfeeding away from public view

Breast pain / cyst does not mean breast cancer

Breast Size and Sensitivity Stimulating a Woman's Breasts

Breasts are baby milk-feeders first and sexual object afterwards

Breasts development in teenage boys and men

Causes sagging of breasts and Bra

Drooping Large breasts and selection of Bras

Female Breasts serve dual purpose for milk as well as sexual.

Fibrocystic breast disease


Role of Mass Media to propagate BIGGER BREAST size as sex object

Small breasts remains firm, give adequate milk and enough enjoyment too

The real use of female Breast for Lactation to feed new born

Understanding need of Breastmilk feeding for health of baby, mother and body image

Want to know all about nipple growth and issues

What's in a BREASTS : worth knowing now!

Wonders of breastfeeding experience for mother as well as for baby








2009 pubic hair

Pubic and underarm hair removal / shaving: after effects


2009 vaginal care

During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under


Why Tight Jeans Might Be Bad For Your Genitals and Skin.

Bacterial Vaginal Infection

Common Irritants to Vagina

Young Indian Female skin genital infections

Vaginal Infection by Trichomoniasis

What is "vulvar health"?

Yeast Infection of the Vagina and Vulva

Understanding reproductive change during puberty of Girls and Boys
Types of Male & Female Contraceptives

Child / teenage Sexual Abuse & Incest



ADOLESCENTS : Where can we go?

Preparing adolescents to make informed choices

Teenage Dandruff is normal.
Overcoming Gender Disparities Boys & Girls are different