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Pubic Hair Shaving by Teenage Girls and Boys.

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http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=doctorjyot&aq=f .. videos by doctorjyot with teenagers

The important change which is very personal covered under your panty/underwear, the appearance of the pubic hair, near genitals.
Stage 1 - no pubic hair growth is apparent.
Stage 2 - fine, silky pubic hairs grow along the midline of the outer labia.
Stage 3 - features hair growth that extends upward and sideways from the midline.
Stage 4 - the hair begins to cover the mons pubis completely.
Stage 5 - the growth of hair into a wider area of vulva, hair thickens

The shaving razor used by your father daily to shave beard may get clogged with long and thick pubic hair. Instead use the traditional two-edged blade and shaving razor. As shown in pics one can place blade only with top part and tightened the blade with handle. Do not use the middle part. This method will help you better shave without clogging of long hair. Boys should be very careful to shave of hairs from scrotum and penis. Scrotum skin is uneven and easily get cut, which will put you in embarrassment Similarly girls should be careful to shave hairs over vagina and labia as it is in folded position and difficult to see properly. Help of parents in initial stage may be advisable to learn.

Pubic hair shaving razor and blade for teenage boys and girls
pics Three parts traditional shaving razor
pics of two edged shaving blade
pics pubic hair shaving razor N blade
pics placing blade on top part of razor
pics tightening handle of pubic hair shaving razor
pics pubic hair shaving razor without middle part

Is it your first time to shave pubic hair? The pubic hair growth may be long enough, as you have not cut for months now. Puberty period is a change of BODY HAIR structures with different intensity and areas on body of BOYS and GIRLS. Underarm hair may be now showing and also stinking or giving phormones to attract opposite gender. . pics underarm hair growth as bush unshaved ...

sometimes excessive underarm growth breeds bacteria and it gives bad odor too. pics underarm hair sweat salt fungus unhygienic

It is difficult to shave with one hand the uneven skin surface of underarm and first timers may get cut.. .pics teen girl risky self shaving underarm uneven skin .. Top to bottom direction is safer to shave underarm hair . . pics teen girl underarm shaving top to bottom direction with foam .

Body hair on legs also are unwanted and teen girls may like to remove them as being shown in advertisements.

Pubic Hair may be curly and long. It is a sign of puberty that you are becoming adult slowly.

pics of vulva before pubic hair development

pics preteens clean vulva almost at bottom between thighs

pics scanty pubic hair growth preeten girl


Trim the long pubic hair first with the help of TINY SCISSORS. Only small hairs to be left for shaving with BLADE-RAZOR. Razors don't cut longer hair easily. If you try to shave longer hair you will clog your razor and end up irritated. pics long thick pubic hair need trimming first before shaving

The pubic hair can be shaved once in a month or fortnightly.

Even the underarm hair also to be shaved similar to pubic hair.

DO NOT SHAVE hairs grown on breast, arms and legs. pics never shave hair on breasts otherwise it will get the worst

Generally you must have seen your father shaving his beard almost daily with safety razor. As he shaves the beard daily, the hair growth is less and can be handled by single edge sophisticated razor. pics shaving beard mustache with foam safety razor . . . Normally shaving is done from top to bottom direction . pics shaving correct top to bottom shaving with foam and safety razor

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But pubic hair growth is large and long and not shaved daily. You need Double-edged blade using more traditional razor. The razor should be separate for every teenage boy and girl. ..pics teen girl underarm shaving hair with foam top to bottom direction.. . Never share your razor with your family members or friends, as you do not share your tooth-brush.

New Blade is very sharp and angle of holding the Razor is difficult. All the movement to be slowly and carefully carried out, so that you do not cut your critical and sensitive skin/organs. Do not feel embarrassed to ask help from your parents to learn or in an event of cut. First timers can ask help from mother, elder sister, cousin sister, aunty to help and teach in shaving of pubic hair surrounding very critical area.

pics pubic hair shaving with help from other female

pics pubic hair trimming with help from sisterr

pics pubic hair shaving with help from mother

pics pubic hair shaving help by friend stretching skin The skin may be streatched for shaving.

Rinse the pubic hair/underarm hair with water to soften them. As such there is no need for shaving cream, but if someone wants to use it, it is OK. pics excessive shaving foam use on pubic hair .. .. .. pics razor shaving is difficult and risky initially . . ..

Move Razor-Blade (double edged) from upwards to downwards on pelvic area below the naval along with the line of hairs with the grain. .. ..pics wrong holding of shaving razor at end .. . . pics teen girl first shaving of pubic hair with soap foam razor ... .One should pass the razor over the skin in the same direction that the hairs normally point. .. . pics shaving underarm hair right direction top to down. . ..Stroke every area no more than twice and rinse the blade very often to keep it from clogging up. You may tighten the skin by pulling the nearby area with one hand. For first timer it is difficult initially .. . pics teen girl initial pubic hair shaving difficult cumbersome and messey . . .

For Boy, it will be difficult to shave very near on the Scrotum and at base of penis and anus. . . Also as such there no pubic hair on penis, so do not shave the skin of penis, otherwise it is very risky, you may get cut or some hair may come after regular shaving of penis skin. pics teen boy difficulty in shaving scrotum uneven skin. .. . . pics do not try risky shaving of penis skin

For girls it will be difficult to shave near Outer Labia and anus. . pics teen girl difficulty in shaving pubic hair by own hand. . . So leave it. After you are accustomed to shave, go near to those areas. Generally do not shave in the opposite direction for smoother shave. pics ok if u cannot able to shave pubic hair near labia

Teenage girls do like to shave their body hair over their legs and even over their thighs. But if possible do not shave leg hairs, atleast in your teenage years. ..pics teen girl wrong direction of thigh shaving . . pics teen girl shaving leg skin wrong direction bottom to top .. .pics teen girl shaving hair with foam on legs but in wrong direction. . ..

Sometimes teengers try to shave body hair from their buttocks, which is as such NOT advisable. Once you start it may get aggavated. . . pics DO NOT SHAVE hair around anus and BUTTOCKS. . . . You will cut the skin near the hair root and it will be painful.

If you are not happy with the closeness of the shave then use a better, sharper razor. If (and only if) you do not suffer from shaving irritation or ingrown hairs you can try to shave a second time against the grain. Don't do it if you don't need to. Ingrown pubic hairs can be painful, ugly, and difficult to deal with. Wash the area again with water and apply antiseptic /after-shave lotion to avoid any infection. For two to three days red bumps will come up near hair root at some place, which will be OK in 3 to 4 days. ..pics underarm shaving after effects pimple and red skin . . If you still find it very difficult, ask your parents to help.

Wash the blade and keep it in its paper cover provided with, to avoid rusting of the same. Do not share the blade or use for any other purpose.

pics preeteens vulva hardly seen between thighs

pics senior teen scanty pubic hair normal growth

pics teen girl properly shaved vulva

Pubic hair is shaved totally or partly. Small hairline may remain visible from clitoris towards naval. Some girls may like have pubic hair designs. Some girls may get aroused while shaving and vagina becomes wet and sticky due to emotional sexual secreations lubricating the vaginal walls. Some girls may suspect the color of skin of vulva becomes dark after shaving. Some teenagers may find red bumps after a day or two shaving and also itching. All these are normal. generally outer labia majora is dark almost grey or black and wrinkled and folds even for the fair skin girls.

pics teen girl pubic hair line

pics black vulva visible after pubic hair shaving

The picture below shows that vulva is shaved, but pubic hair near labia and vaginal opening is not shaved, due to difficulty in shaving and fear of getting cut. Also red bumps are seen over shaved skin area. Few hairs also have remained due to uneven shave. Such thing will happen initially and so bear with it. Smooth shave is not at all expected. The hair growth near the vaginal opening can be better trimmed using a small scizzors.

pics after uneven shaving pubic hair red bumps on skin

j PHERMONES smell may arouse sexual feelings ??? ... ...

It is not deodorant as the advetizements displays, but the natural hormonal secration(Phormones) mainly from females attracts males. But this can be understood only after marriage through spouse liking the smell of spouse. Pheromones is a chemical produced by an organism that signals its presence to other members of the same species. This is also true for other mamals seen in dogs, goats, donkeys, cows etc.. of particular importance in their mating and sexual behavior. Few teens or even married one may like to smell the used innerwear for PHORMONES to excite them sexually.

pics cat tatoo


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