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Fantasy and sex
When we see girls hips our penis stands. Why it stands?
Why does the penis become erect whenever we see sexy girl?
Why our penis becomes erect in the morning when we get up?
Why the boys like to see girl’s vagina?
When we see the vagina picture our penis stands up. Why does it happen?
Is there difficulty when penis is inserted in vagina?
Why do we do sex?
A girl has how many holes? Which are they?
Why does thick milk come out of the penis?
My peer pressurizes me to have sex. What to do?
What do you understand by love and sex?
What is sexual abuse?When does baby happens?
Why do we off lights when we do sex?

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Porn film
When we see BP why does our penis stand up?
Should we watch blue films?
Why is porn films are so excited?

Dr Jyot address to Teenage girls on physical & emotional changes during teenage
Teenage girls listening to their queries being answered
Dr Jyot teenage workshop on 'Better understanding of Teenage' at school

Pubic hair
For males, is it necessary to shave pubic hair?
What should boys do when the hairs on penis grow more? Why does it smell sometimes?
Give information for shaving off my vaginal hair?
What do you mean by public hairs. Where does it grow?
What to do when blood seeps out from armpit while shaving?

Breast, Nipple and Bra
How many nipples do girls have?
Why the girls have nipples at breast very up and very down?
Why there are nipples on breast?
Is it possible that size of breast of women are unequal and if yes, how? What should we do?
How does the breast grow? How to develop a breast?
My breast does not develop. What to do?
Can the breasts grow big by not wearing bra?
At what age should we start wearing bra?
How to get better bra? What do you mean by Bra Selection?
How should we select our bras?
Why do we need to wear a bra?
How can breast cancer cause?
Why the boys don’t have big breast?
Why do we wear underwear?

Opposite Gender friendship:
Why our teachers opposing the interaction between boys and girls?
Should attraction towards the opposite gender be completely ignored for our better future? If yes, then how?
Why in today’s world we are attracted towards opposite gender?
Difference between infatuation and love. Can you please inform us?
When does love happens? I love a girl but do not know that she loves me or not? What to do?
Is it okay to have girlfriends? Should we tell our parents about it or not? How should we tell our parents?

During Puberty/Teenage let your OVARIES, UTERUS and Fallopian tubes,VAGINA grow healthy without hinderance of tight innerwears and JEANS under the most important part of your body: PELVIC area as under

Hymen, Ovary, vagina, Menstruation
What do you mean by hymen? What do you mean by ovary?
What is a vagina?
What is menarche & what should we do?
What is menstruation? What are menstrual periods?
What are pre-menstruation syndromes and irregular periods?

Gay, homosexuality and lesbian
How to get control over gays?
Why there are gays? Why some people opt to be gays?
What is the reason behind homosexuality?
When boys, boys do sex what we say to it?
What do you mean by “Lesbian”?
Why do girls opt to become lesbians? Why can’t they just be straight?
Sometimes some men behave like female, why?
What about the vocal cords of those men, which are like females?
Why do some people start acting like females from teenage?
What is impotency?

What is masturbation?
Is Masturbation is healthy after the age of 15 years?
Does Masturbation affect studies?
‘Masturbation is important for boy’ What does this mean?
Why does there is pain in testes when it ejaculates?

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What are confidom? How to use it?
We are always told that you should have safe sex and use condoms. What are condoms and how much successful have they been?
How many flavors of condoms are there?

Sperm and Penis
What is Masculinity? What is virility?
What is nocturnal emission? Is it unhealthy for the boys?
Is it completely OK to have nocturnal emissions at night?
What is meant by spermache? What should we do during spermache?
Why does our penis is not growing quickly?
My penis is small. Is it OK?
Why there are two testes? What are the two marbles under our penis?
Why is the sperm is hot? Is the sperm production in human limited?
What is meant by sperm production? How it is produced, in what quantity?

How we can take care of the pimples on the body or face?
How to decrease the pimples?
How to clean the puss from the pimples on the face without disturbing any other pimples?
What is Acne?
Those girls who are having more pimples on their face are known to be having very active hormones. Is it so?


How to increase height? Any exercise?
Why does our height is not growing quickly?
I am 14 years old still my height is not increasing.
Upto what age our height increases? (For girls)

Hair, Dandruff:
How can our hairs get silky?
I have dandruff problem. Even though I wash my hair regularly the dandruff still remains.
What to do when there is much of dandruff in the hair?
Why does the growth of hair of all the body is not happening quickly?

Emotions and stress
Sometimes we feel nervous when answering any question. Why?
How to handle stress (pressure) during examinations and also how to maintain our health during examination?
How to attract people?
As we are growing we are not able to concentrate in studies.
Explain about parents- teenage relationship.

How to develop skills of public speaking?
Please explain the disadvantages of smoking.
What should be our diet during the age of 14-15?
Why sometimes our eyes are very small?

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Questions from junior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

Questions from senior teens Eng. Medium GIRLS school of Baroda-India

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